So this month has been a roller coaster and a half! I have managed to somehow enter competitions every Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Friday although have been busy with finishing university. I have said before in my competition post that if you want to start comping you need to have the time, if you want to be winning big that is.  So that is why I haven’t been winning huge amounts at the moment.

Now last month I hardly won anything although what I did win was amazing! BGT tickets aren’t something that people often win! This month has been amazing although smaller prizes. I have to say that in the last couple of months I have had to chase a few companies so that I could get my prize. I waited a month for a book that wasn’t signed although it was supposed to be and I am waiting for a couple of other bits still. I have had companies tell me that the prize has been sent although it never arrives. I have never had this before and intend to find out what the correct procedure is and let all you guys and girls know.

I will now however not waffle on any longer and let you know what I have been winning this month! The descriptions won’t be as long as like I said, little but lots.

Chocolate ~ My first competition win of the month was some yummy chocolates from WMJobs I got a yummy box of celebrations and Green and Blacks. I have to say when they arrived the celebrations lasted all of 5 minutes! The Green and Blacks however lasted a little longer! So yummy and an easy company to communicate with!

Mustache Wax ~ So you may have noticed I am lacking somewhat in the facial hair. I have family members however who are not so when I won this from Harum-Scarum I was happy enough. It will make an excellent gift for Christmas. It smells really nice and looks the part so spot on, also excellent customer service from them guys!

Note Pads! ~ Okay so I love stationary and I have loads of note books laying all over the place. They are perfect when you happen to work from home and even better for university students! I had to enter my favourite colour when I entered the competition so I was even more happier when EUROPA Stationery told me I would be getting a yellow one! Lovely customer service and really nice quality books!

Porridge ~ I entered a competition to win some porridge, there was problems with the post so I had no idea if it was going to arrive or not but thankfully it did! I received 6 pots and they look amazing! I won them with Wolfys Porridge and have to say they taste amazing! There are loads of different flavours and if you are looking for something to kick start your day I would recommend these!

PEK Man Card ~ So with it being fathers day I actually managed to win a fathers day related gift. I am afraid to say it didn’t get here in time though although it was a nifty little card, you will be able to see more of it in the video. Check them out on twitter.

Pevonia UK ~ I won a cool superise with Pevonia this month. I had no idea what it was going to be and had to wait for it to arrive. The prize was a spa care package for him. Aqua gel foaming cleanser, I have tried it and have it say it feels amazing and leaves my skin feeling amazing! Check them out on twitter!


As you can see I won some pretty cool items in June. I have to say the note books have come in handy with univrsity and blogging so if you need some new pads I would suggest checking them out! I can already say I am waiting for various prizes for July so I am looking forward to bringing you some more ace prizes!

If you want to get into entering competitions on twitter don’t forget my how to guide on competitions and start winning amazing prizes for yourselves.



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