Hello everyone! Welcome to my first competition post, bringing you everything that I have won. Maybe not everything but I will let you know some of the top prizes that I have won and you can check out the rest on my YouTube page! Let us begin!

What is comping?

Comping is basically entering competitions in the hope of winning a prize. I hear people tell me all the time that they enter competitions and never win anything so they don’t bother. I must enter a minimum of a thousand competitions a month. It can be a long haul and at times rather frustrating but the outcome is incredible! If you want to read more on competitions, how I enter them and how I learned what I know; check out my competitions post for all you need to know!

Why I Comp?

So last year (2016) my fiance won a couple of cool prizes and I must admit I got a little jealous. I decided that 2017 was my year. I wanted to win, I wanted to win big! So I decided to learn all that I needed to learn and I decided to go ahead and see what I could win throughout the year. I thought that I would bring you all the good news so check out my wins!

What I Won throughout March,

Man Facts: so I won one of the best books I have read in a while. At first I thought it was a total funny facts book but it is much more than that! You can tell from my YouTube video that I was a little confused, I did give you a little fact that the book held though! So basically the book is full of different facts, quite interesting as well! I have to say I love the design of the book and when I felt it in my hands, it was bliss. If you are a book person like myself you will understand the attraction to a nice well presented hard back book! Check it out and get one yourself!  

Paw Patrol PJ’s: Now I have to say I was super syked when I found out I won this PJ set! My younger brother LOVES Paw Patrol. I have to say I have also grown quite attached to the show after watching hundreds of episodes and learning all the names, not to mention the theme tune by heart! So when @characterdotcom got in touch with me to inform me that I had won, I was over the moon! I took them back home and my younger brother was over the moon, in fact when I was recording the video for my YouTube Jake decided to come and see why I was talking about Paw Patrol and he left with the PJ set when I was done!

Paw Patrol PJ set has to be hands down the best prize of March, just due to the big smile on my brothers face!


Godminster Cheese: Now this has to be the yummiest prize of the month. I think in fact the only one I could eat if memory serves me correctly! You can see from my reaction in the video that this cheese smells amazing! Not only does it smell amazing but it taste even better! I have to admit, I can’t eat cheese all the time but I decided to make an exception with Godminster! My fiance cooked some in chicken breast and it as to die for! If you get the chance check out their cheese, click the link above and get yourself a yummy hamper!


Want to find out everything that I have won?

So you might be thinking, you didn’t win much! I didn’t talk about everything that I won. I wanted to leave you in a little suspense, you can of course check out everything that I have won through my YouTube channel. I record monthly videos and show you everything that I have won, I also try and let you know where they are from and leave links in the bio so be sure to check that out! Don’t forget to subscribe!

P.S. Forgive the bad thumbnail! I will start practicing to improve!

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