Are concerts about the music or just about showing off?

So I am pretty sure a lot of us love going to concerts. These days though are they all about the music, or are they just a fashion statement so that people can show off to their peers?

I have been to a few concerts in the last year, Adele, Wicked, Busted and John Barrowman, the one thing that I have noticed above all else is the use of phones. People pay hundreds sometimes just for tickets to see their favourite bands and artists; so why do they stand there on their phones recording. In my mind they might as well be looking through the wrong end of a telescope.

Take Busted for example, when they did some of their iconic songs the phones came out. They had Wheatus perform “Teenage Dirtbag” I had never seen so many phones in my life! Call me old fashioned but I would so much prefer to watch and listen to a band than sit there recording it and having to focus on my phone. Then you have the rude few who decided to sit down and text! Texting during a concert, what is wrong with these people!

It isn’t all bad though, take Busted and Adele for example. They both turned the tables on the audience, I am pretty sure Adele said something along the line of “you have your phones out anyway”. They both got the audience to shine the torches on their phones and sway along to the songs, that was magical!

Adele concert
Aldele fans with their torches

It is funny though, if you go to a west end show such as the Wicked you will notice that no one would dare get their phone out; in fact I saw someone get made to leave because they had theirs out. Should concerts be more strict on the use of phones? Or would that stop people going, what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

At the same time it has to be said that phones are not the only neusense at concerts. DRINKING! I understand that sometimes a glass of wine or a beer is a cool refreashment at a concert or show. However why do some people have the need to get so drunk they start dancing on the stairs and almost fall down them, that was the display I came across at Busted and ShowSec decided to do nothing about them. Although to be fair they have been rubbish at all the concerts I have been to with them working there.

If you want to drink, go to an open air festival; I hear the Reading one is good! Funny though, drinking has been permitted at every single concert or show I have been to; I have always noticed a cut off time for drinks though. Should bars cut off their drinks sooner? Should people be more responsible? Or should there just be strict rules, such as one person not being able to buy 4 drinks in one go? Again let me know what you think!

Am I old fashioned or do I have a point? Depends on where you stand I guess, you might getting so drunk the only way to remember the concert is to watch it on your phone the next day. Then again you might like to actually expierence a show and have a good sober time?

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