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Lousnews is a lifestyle blog that everyone needs. Bringing you the content that you want to read. I love talking about money, how to save, spend and earn the stuff to make our life easier. You’re going to find a few posts on other stuff as well, family life, mental health, days out and maybe some food. I’m an open book and I love to write about my experiences and share them with everyone reading!


Hey, so if you didn’t already know I’m currently a Bournemouth university student and loving it. I have the best partner ever and we’re on the road to getting married and buying our first house! I love to chat, travel and eat which is my life in a nutshell. If I can save money I will and if I can help others I do so without hesitation.

I believe that everyone needs a goal in place, a strong goal to stick by. I two years ago I started my 5 year goal. Which was to get Lousnews up and running. I want to live off my blog, I plan to leave university and bring you content all the time, travel the world and show you all about it and not have to jump into a dead end job as soon as I get my degree.

Keep in touch!

Check out all of my social media pages, follow me and say hey when you get the chance. I don’t bite! I also have a joint travel blog with my partner and would love for you to check it out at! You can always check out┬ámy partners food blog at!

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Thanks for reading, enjoy.




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