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Lousnews is a lifestyle blog that everyone needs. Bringing you the content that you want to read. I discuss money, how to save and make money. I talk about travel, how to save money on last minute holidays and where to stay for the best experience. I love to review products, films and other such items. Entering competitions is a passion and one that will last, read what I have to say about it.


Myself? I am currently a student. I live with my partner and we are looking to married by the end of 2018! I have a five year goal, in this goal I do not intend to leave uni and jump right into a dead end job and hate it for the rest of my life. My five year goal means leaving uni and not having to get a job thanks to my money making ways. It has a nice fancy wedding attached and a blissful honeymoon with no trouble involved. We are going to move into a much bigger house and decorate the way we want!

I believe that everyone needs a goal and if you don’t have one you should make one. I live in the sunny (sometimes) town of Bournemouth. Our favourite place as a couple to visit is Argassi in Zante but we love to travel! I love attending events and want to go to every comic con possible!

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