Going back to my mental health routes. Christmas stress and anxiety is a huge thing for me and it totally sucks. I know quite a few people who have to deal with Christmas stress and I try and help out whenever I can. I wanted to talk about some of the ways people get stress and anxiety around Christmas and how you can sort it out if it happens. I’m not going to try selling you stress relief products either so you don’t need to worry about that. What I will say is keep an eye out for my new anxiety box coming in 2019 because I’m excited to show you all when I’ve made it up!

Stress Of Gift Giving

There can be a lot of gift stress when it comes to Christmas, which sounds crazy but it’s true. People stress about not getting people enough or not spending enough on people. Or it might be the panic of not having everything needed and not being able to get the bits till last minute. I know I’ve been through all the stress and know it can be horrible, the stress of gift giving is very reall! Christmas stress revolves big time around this.

The advice I can give is start buying in the Christmas sales, get a load of smellies and put them aside, always check everything for dates but most of the time you’ll find they have 2-3 years on them and you’re able to keep them for next Christmas. This way when Christmas rolls around you’ll already have half the Christmas gifts you need. The stress of meeting everyone at Christmas can be terrible. Try and organise as well as you can but don’t chase people. I get it all the time when people expect me to chase them and it’s just not going to happen, don’t stress out. If they want to see you, they will! Remember stress management is key to a healthier lifestyle.

Anxiety Meeting New People

I think everyone gets nervous meeting new people right? I get mega anxious and would rather avoid the situation altogether, which obviously isn’t that good for my health. I’ve developed some coping methods though and they seem to work on the most part so I don’t mind letting you in on the secret.

Count down from ten before entering the room, it might sound stupid but it takes all your focus to count down and you put more energy into counting down than you would up. By the time you enter the room you should hopefully be a little more calm. Also have something in your pocket, if need be you can put your hand in your pocket and fiddle with it to take your mind of the anxiety inducing situation. Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are better to stay away from if you have something to take your mind off it all. If you’re feeling any anxiety symptoms that are going to lead to an anxiety attack, excuse yourself to the toilet; everyone needs to wee!

Preparation Stress

Preparation stress is actually quite common, a lot of people get it and can also be known as preparation anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s a diognoised thing but a lot of people I know with mental health issues have said that preparing for everything can be a total nightmare. It’s worse at Christmas because you’ve got all the food to worry about, Christmas shopping and so much more. How to overcome stress is a tricky question and it’s not always possible but I deal with it in a few ways.

Make loads of lists, I know that sounds basic but it’s a thing. I have lists coming out my ears this time of year. I use wunderlist, it’s an app on the phone and it’s great. I mainly use it for a shopping list because it’s easy and I can just tick things off as I go round and it goes from the list. Housework and other bits like that I tend to write down physical lists as it feels so much better ticking things off my list when I’ve completed them, the sense of acomplishment is amazing and totally helps with stress management and helps with the anxiety relief.


Christmas is bloosy stressful and sets the anxiety off like there’s no tomorrow! Make sure you stock up on mince pies and try not to panic too much, if you’re having a panic attack maybe think about going to your comfort box, or if you’ve not made one maybe think about making one! Maybe invest in a stress ball as well. If you’re a parent and the children are doing your head in, squueze the ball and don’t throw their toys at the wall!

Coping With Christmas Stress And Anxiety


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