You might have seen I’m starting a reading corner on the blog. I’m going to be brining you books that I love whenever I have a new one! Today I’m going to be talking about the Cut The Crap and Feel Amazing book. If you’ve started a new years resolution then this is the book for you. Want to curb bad addictions such as smoking or eating way too much chocolate, this is the self help book you need in your life. I’ve read a few self help books and motivational books and half of them I’ve found to be bland, boring or just full of crap. This one however, I like.

First Impressions Of Cut The Crap and Feel Amazing Book

I love the design, I know most people will pick up a nice book from a shelf because it looks good, this one does. I’d pick this one up off the shelf if I came across it, the design fits in with the theme of the book as well and the colours used are perfect as well. I normally find help books to look the same, normally plain blue in my opinion so it’s nice to see something different, vibrant and out there.

Who Is Ailsa Frank?

Of course Alisa Frank is the author of Cut the crap and feel amazing but three’s more to her than just this one book. Ailsa is of course a self help author, which can be seen with this ace book, however she also has other pieces of work to back that claim up. If you’re a woman seeking help with a drink issue then you can find Stop Binge Drinking for Women Hypnosis that Ailsa has created herself.

As well as a self help author, Ailsa is a hypnotherapist with a cut the crap attitude, which is maybe why her book is called cut the crap and feel amazing! Hypnothearpy has always been something I’ve had a fondness for so it’s great to be able to read some of the work that Ailsa has put together. Another piece of work from Ailsa i’ve been looking at, and I’m sure others can get involved with is the Weight Loss for Men Hypnosis something most men can get behind after Christmas!

What Did I Love In Cut The Crap and Feel Amazing Book?

Chapter 11. Stress, Rest and Relaxation. You’ll know I blog about mental health, anxiety and all the stress life comes with so it’s only natural I’d love this chapter. The chapter starts by giving you some really good tips on how to cut stress out of your life, or at least ways that you can simplify your life and do less running around. I found the book to be really motivational, it will take you a while to get through it because there’s so many handy tips and tricks that you can incorperate into your life written inside. I’d suggest taking each chapter on with an open mind and try bits out.

The thing I like most about the book is you’re the main charchter. There’s loads of techniques that you can tailor to your every day life, once you start doing them they’re going to become second nature and give you a more positive outlook on life. I’m not a fan of the law of attraction where you think more positive and things will go right in your life, instead I’m all about getting out there, changing habits and routines to really maximise the potential your life can have. If you fancy a downloadable copy then head on other to the website and get yours today!


If you’re looking to really excel in your own life, make a difference and feel better about everything you’re doing; this book is the one you need to be reading. Sure not every chapter will apply to your life but that doesn’t matter. I’ve found that although some parts work really well for me, other parts are great for my partner who equally gets all he needs from the book. I can’t suggest buying it enough. Can you imagine this book in your local book club? Instead of reading some fantasty genre generic book, all your members are taking a leap in their life to improve what they have! Think of the stories that could be told at your next meeting!

It’s also got to be said that the fact you have to get up and change your life and not just pretend you’re fine and that it makes you make a real difference. If you fancy getting yourself a copy then just click here, if you fancy winning a copy then keep on reading to enter this amazing book competition.

Win A Copy Of Cut The Crap And Feel Amazing Competition!

If you fancy getting your hands on a copy of Cut the crap and feel amazing it’s really simple, just enter the gleam competition below. Enterants must be over 18 and claim their prize within 24 days. The prize is sent out by the company and not myself and the winner will be picked at random once the competition has ended! If you fancy checking out my other competitions then click here on my competition page!

Cut The Crap & Feel Amazing Book Competition



  1. Cora Harrison Reply

    This book sounds really good Louis, just grabbed myself a copy!

    • Amanda Westaway Reply

      It sounds like the inspirational shove I need to launch me onto a wave of self help and reliance.

  2. I love a good self help book, but I want one that actually works, from the review, it sounds like I would love this book.

  3. Chloe Taylor Reply

    Fantastic motivational book – I’d love to feel amazing! Thanks for sharing x

  4. This would hopefully give me some tips to get organised this year!

  5. Geri Gregg Reply

    I’d love to win, it’d help me with my anxiety and depression

  6. It sounds just like my kind of self help book! Straight to the point

  7. Sounds like the kind of book I could do with to help me with my anxiety. I want to feel amazing.

  8. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    An honest approach – no bull – just what i need

  9. Struggled last year and stress at work effected my health, determined to chance things this year and would love this book to help in my quest

  10. Lorna Ledger Reply

    For my lovely daughter 18 who is LGBT, and really has suffered with her mental health this last 2 years

  11. Gaynor Neal Reply

    Sounds like I need to add to my “must read” list. Thank you for reviewing x

  12. Angela Macdonald Reply

    I need to stop snacking and focus myself on eating more healthy

  13. Carole Nott Reply

    Sounds like a book full of ideas – thanks for the chance to win a copy

  14. JULIE WARD Reply

    Hopefully to help me feel more positive and stop have people walk all over me

  15. Jade Jones Reply

    I suffer with numerous health issues both physical (EDS, Reynauds phenomenon) and mental (PTSD, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder and agoraphobia – I can go out if i am with someone I trust and know which is not many people at all) I also suffer with an extremely low tolerance to even the most trivial of stress as a result of numerous adverse life experiences that haunt me to this day. I have done numerous bouts of counselling sessions, and 17 cognitive behavioural sessions and all it did was traumatize me more than I was in the beginning and the therapist actually ended it there for that very reason. I did take away the art of breathing retraining so it wasnt all doom and gloom as I learned to sort of manage my panic attacks in the moment. I alo taught myself a “5 step grounding technique” designed to help ypu to ground each of your senses one at a time to assist with bringing you out of panic attacks and can use them effectively to an extent but ultimately I am still taking 19 pills a day (8 pain killers, 2 betablockers, 1 to knock me out, and 8 anti-psychotics to help with controlling the anxiety). Ultimately this isnt the life I want to live and I am looking for anything at all that might enhance my self esteem and help me to find ways to overcome my traumas and scars without having to sit and relive them in every gory detail because I can’t put myself through that again. It’s not that I blame me for what happened to me. It’s that it haunts me daily even when I sleep and wake with night terrors numerous times screaming. I need to find a way to put all of that behind me and move on without it constantly being there in the background. I need to lower my stress levels and maybe this book would help with that.

  16. I try to be very conscious with the media I consume and I feel like nothing can give you more inspiration and motivation than a self-help book

  17. Simone Griffin Reply

    I get caught up in being anxious about tiny little things so this will definitely help me to remember I am good and don’t need to be so anxious!

  18. Danielle Spencer Reply

    Looking for an interesting, motivational read and I think this could be it!

  19. Julie Edwards Reply

    This would be perfect for me. I am working on my personal development, mindset and healthy eating this year. I think they are interlinked. I have made such a lot of progress already.

  20. lorraine kirk Reply

    This book looks like it has some really great tips that I can use in everyday life to help with my anxiety

  21. Lauren Old Reply

    Hopefully to become healthier and embrace exercise and change

  22. Peter Nickson Reply

    Sounds, like a perfect book for wife to help her. Thanks

  23. Nadia Josephine Reply

    It is my goal to make some big changes and really challenge myself. I want to make a difference and feel better about everything that I am doing so this book would be incredibly helpful 🙂

  24. Kimberley grant Reply

    I don’t believe in myself and I would like to feel amazing again

  25. Donna Craggs Reply

    i need this book in my life to get me back on track to a happy, healthy life.

  26. chanttel phillips Reply

    looks like a great read could really do with this book 🙂

  27. Fiona Johnstone Reply

    I am in a bit of the doldrums. Don’t feel I’m contributing much to life. Maybe this book will help me get back on track.

  28. Adrian Bold Reply

    I would love to read this as I could use some help on feeling better about some things in my life.

  29. Louise Blackah Reply

    It would help me cut out the crap in my life and improve my well being.

  30. michelle caspenenti Reply

    This sounds great, I love the fact theres connections to hypnosis. I find hypnosis really relaxing x

  31. Donna Tomlin Reply

    I have a lot of ‘Crap’ in my life, some of it are the people around me so a good self help book would be good.

  32. Ruth Wollerton Reply

    I need some positivity in my life, this book looks great. Thanks for the chance xxx

  33. Emma Davenport Reply

    My hubby and I need this to deal with those iffy hot people in our life,

  34. Emma Davenport Reply

    Myself and my husband need this book in our life to deal with those difficult people in it

  35. Gillian McClelland Reply

    I would use this to help me keep on track with my diet and stop eating chocolate

  36. Victoria Bazley Reply

    Life has got proper hectic and I think I just need this book to regroup and do just that – cut the crap.

  37. Craig Hindle Reply

    This book would help me understand myself as I have Asperger’s syndrome and anxiety and have had a lot of crap to deal with on and off. Or things I need to see in a different context to help me and loved ones live pescefuller life.

  38. chris hindle Reply

    This book I would love to read as it will help me relax and refocus my mind to what’s important and be able to deal with things better, what with life’s stresses and a son who has mental health difficulties and losses I have faced.

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