When I was growing up I remember my mum making a guy feel rather uncomfortable at Woolworths because an items was marked at one price although scanned at another. It was around Christmas time and I’m sure the price was marked at least 50% less than it was scanning at. They eventually gave her the item at the shown price and not the scanning one. I remember back then due to trading laws that the store had to honor the price it was marked up as. No question about it, if you advertise it you have to give it.

However after recent experience I feel that this issue needs to be addressed. Do stores really need to honor shelf prices or is that a total myth? Recently I found myself in Home Bargains because there happened to be a Funko toy which was priced at 39p, yes 39p!! Home Bargains lived up to their name that day. We got three because I have a few Doctor who fans in the family including myself and we left a handful on the shelf because we didn’t want to clear the store, it’s the decent thing to do right?

We got a few other bits and got to the till. Well when the woman on the till scanned the items she started to get funny with us. She called for her manager and then decided to tell us that the item had been priced wrong and there was no way that it could be 39p, even though it was both marked up as 39p and scanned at 39p! She did tell us that it’s fine because the store would honor the price, she proceeded to say that it might not be the law but the store stands by what it advertises.

Clara the Doctor Who Funko Pop!
She looks better than the picture makes out!

Although there was no need for her to call the manager she was soon told that the price was correct. The price was the same throughout all the U.K. stores and that she shouldn’t have called the manager. So after feeling belittled by rude staff we left. I did some digging on my phone and found that yes the law had changed and the stores don’t actually have to honor the prices anymore although most do because its unethical if they don’t.

I thought about it a little harder and then it hit me. How many times have you had your order cancelled online because the price was wrong? I have twice this month along! I am a huge bargain hunter though and sometimes they get the price wrong. So there you have it!

It might be worth arguing or calling the manager if the staff are rude or they tell you they won’t be selling you it but at the end of the day if they say no there is nothing you can do. I have had a member of staff in Tesco once told me he would honor the shelf price which was amazing although it all depends on the store.

Have you ever had this problem? How did it end? I would love to know about people’s experience and have confirmation that it isn’t just me running into these terrible staff members or crazy deals!

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