Today for mental health week 2018 I’m talking about mental health and weight loss. I want to know if by losing weight my mental health as actually improved. Of course I’m no scientist and I don’t have a huge list of facts and research papers but I’m going to tell you about my experience!

I’ve seen loads of people talking about how mental health can totally be influenced by weight loss, however most of them are just trying to peddle you weight loss pills or some sort of weight loss program. Myself, not so much. You can check out my weight loss progress from my monthly reports to see how I’ve done it but I’m not going to try and sell you anything; just my posts.

I started losing weight at the start of the year when I hit a certain amount and decided it had gone too far! I wasn’t happy with how I looked and it was making me depressed! To the point where I didn’t want to go outside, didn’t want to go shopping and didn’t even want to go on holiday because I thought I looked that bad!

I’m no going to tell you at what weight I started because It sucked and I don’t want to think about it too much. However I will say that so far I’ve lost over 20lbs, around a stone and half! I want to lose at least another two stone by the end of the year as well so that I can fell so much better with myself. There are certain parts to the weight loss program that I love though.

Exercise, nope not extra fries! You’ve probably read a few of my mental health posts where I talk about how going for long walks helps to clear my head and help me calm myself down and relax. Well thankfully long walks are a byproduct of losing weight, which means I’m having fun while exercising. I much prefer long walks as well, the gym gets too crowded and with the amount of really fit people I feel totally self conscious!

Starting A Bucket List For Your Mental Health Wellness!

Eating better, no more McDonalds (every day anyways!). We’ve cut right back on take aways, chocolate and junk food in general. Thankfully thanks to following MyFitnessPal and counting calories I’ve still been able to eat stuff that I want, just in moderation! However take aways have A LOT of calories in them. So we treat yourself about once or twice a month when we’re feeling naughty or I’m feeling down. The great thing about losing weight and not having take aways is the amount of money you’re going to save.

Due to the amount of money we are saving we can put more into our mortgage fund! At the same time the less junk food you eat the less chance of upset stomachs you might get, you know the dodgy Chinese place down the road that doesn’t taste bad and is cheap enough but you regret the next day? That hardly ever happens and it’s great!

So I have to say that personally I think that losing weight has helped me a great deal in regards to my mental health. I was able to fit into a hoodie for the first time since I got it this month and it gave me a huge confidence boosting. I’ve saved money and I think I look a bit better personally, I can’t wait to lose a lot more weight but right now I’m glad it’s staying off!

Unfortunately mental health is linked to most of the eating disorders you hear about which sucks. I know a few people with mental health along side their eating disorders and they find it really difficult to live with. What’s worse is mental health may make a person end up with an eating disorder, depression is one of the worst conditions to have as it can cause people to put on a great deal of weight or just not eat at all.

Now losing weight may have helped me although it doesn’t help everyone. Make sure you have a chat with your doctor first so that you don’t lose too much as you don’t want to make your health worse. Either way cut out them take aways and splash the cash on yourself a little more! Check out my other mental health posts if you’re after some more advice, information or me talking nonsense!

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