Eden’s 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil!

 So I decided to purchase this Vitamin E oil. Now I know mostly everything this days is Vitamin C and I understand that it can be great for the skin. I have been there and done that and wanted something that could match that or do better. I found this on Amazon and thought I would give it a go. I don’t normally just randomly give things a go I should mention that!

I shopped around and found this one. To be fair it was a nice, responsibly priced item. I don’t think £12.95 is too expensive when it comes to this type of product. I always do everything on a budget and hate to spend huge amounts of money so I thought this was perfect, especially on a budget and this close to Christmas!

Okay so we should talk about the actual oil right?! Good idea. So I used it for two weeks. I hate to see reviews on items that have been used for a day and never again. I mean how is that accurate? I found the oil to be, well not too oily. It was quite nice to feel and absorbed really fast. That is as long as you don’t use loads of it in one go!

The oil doesn’t smell, well not that bad anyway. Everything in my eyes has a smell and some products that I have used in the past are just so overpowering! This Vitamin E oil however doesn’t want to make me open every window in the flat and run away with my eyes watering! Okay so my skin. My skin, does it feel softer? Yes. I mean it doesn’t feel as soft as a feather but god does it feel good!

I have to admit I love the fact that the oil is made using 100% natural ingredients. There are so many products on the streets these days that use harmful or dangerous ingredients and it isn’t right. I must also point out that the product is not tested on animals! I always look out on the packaging to see if it is animal testing free and I normally don’t buy if it isn’t! Proud to say I own this Vitamin E oil!

It works, it isn’t a miracle cure. You have to use it daily, if you don’t you won’t see any improvement. What would be the point in buying such an ace product not using it enough and then getting annoyed with it not working? One thing I also have to point out is the amazing presentation. I have had products before that arrive like someone has put it together in their garden.

As you can see the box looks amazing, it also feels amazing and not cheap. There is nothing worse than cheap packaging! It is Christmas in just under two weeks. My advice, get some and give it as a gift! Buy it here and thank me later! Let me know in the comments if you have ever used it and what you thought! You can also check out the Eden website to give you more ideas for excellent gifts!

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