I make it a habit to save money whenever I can. I do this in various ways, mainly though I get all the help I need from Facebook. I’m part of hundreds different Facebook groups. It doesn’t matter how you want to save money or what you are looking for, just know that there’s a group for you. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you find one.

Family and parent groups.

Saving money when in a family can be difficult and it can be hard to find deals for everyone to enjoy such as family days out. Check out the groups below for more help. More importantly the groups are a place where you can be honest and open, ask questions and get some great advice because we all know parenthood isn’t easy.

Family on a budget ~ A place for tips, links and deals for family related saving and spending ideas to be posted and discussed. No rules on sharing links other than they must be relevant to families, no loan/credit links.

Money Saving Mums ~ This group is run by Mums for Mums. It’s a group to share money saving tips, ideas and important budget recipes for families.

Bargain Family Breaks ~ In this community group, we’ll cover holiday deals, days out, cheap flights, discounted tickets, best currency rates and more. Ultimately, our goal is to help you have some much needed downtime at a cheaper price!

Money Saving Groups.

There are hundreds of money saving groups on Facebook, literally hundreds. They all focus on different areas and bring you the best advice and deals so that you can save money. I have a few personal favourites which I’ll tell you a bit more about.

Reduce Your Supermarket Spend ~This group is a top favourite of mine. I am always looking to save money when shopping and looking through the reduced section. This group isn’t just amazing to help you save money but the community and advice is top notch! “A place to share all the very best supermarket shopping tips, budget recipe ideas, food hacks and offers from all UK supermarkets.”

Spend Less, Live Better ~ Who doesn’t want to live better and save money in the process? The group has the best discussions in my eyes and I was glued to one not long ago about pre made cake mix and if it’s really worth buying! “‘Live Well, Spend Less’, is a Facebook group where we can all help each other to live a fabulously frugal life by sharing hints, tips and bargains as well as general discussion.”

Skint Dad Deals Group ~ Perfect group for amazing deals. Thanks to Skint Dad I was able to buy COD PS4 game for free with an Amazon Prime deal! FREE!! I would highly recommend joining this group for the latest deals and freebies, you can’t go wrong here! “We’ll be posing the best deals, glitches, coupons & freebies in the UK & we want you involved too”

Make Art, Save (And Make!) Money ~ Do you have an arty, passionate outlook on life? If so great! You’ll find all the help you need here because you have some of the most talented people you can meet in one group. I saw one lady make a pencil case from a use coke bottle! Seriously go see for yourself. “A place to share deals, tips and advice for cutting the cost of art supplies. Let’s help each other with the cost of making and exhibiting our art!

If you fancy checking out a website while you’re at it to help save money when buying food and cooking meals, check out Reduced Grub. You have to check out the My Forking Diet section!!

There you have it. My top favourite groups on Facebook. Don’t forget to check out who runs the groups and see if they have their own websites. For instance you might want to know what you need to pack for a holiday abroad. Have you ever thought about making money on Facebook? Might be worth looking into if you have a load of clutter all over the place!

But don’t just take my word for it, head on over to the Facebook groups and find out how you can start saving money and making your life a bucket load easier.

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