I have a pain, the pain of not being able to buy enough shoes! Many times I’ve had to return shoes because they just don’t fit. They’re the right size but they happen to suffocate my feet at the same time! It sucks, it really does. I’ve been trying to find shoes to fit my wide feet for years. I must point out that I blame my left foot which for some reason seems to be wider than my right, my right foot gets in a right mood about it as well. Ever had your feet fight each other, it isn’t fun!

I’d love to be able to say these shoes are amazing for wide feet, there are so many places to get them. I really can’t. I had a huge problem before I went to Bangkok where I ordered two pairs from Nike, neither of them fit. I even ordered some from Jacamo, you’d think Jacamo would have loads of wide fitting shoes right? Well they didn’t the ones I did order happened to be falling apart as soon as I took them out the packaging. It sucked.

However Batman came in and saved the day! It was two days before my holiday and I dashed to Sports direct. After trying on loads of different shoes, mostly Nike shoes I had almost given up hope! I mean it can’t be that difficult to find shoes right! Well finally, in my darkest hour I found these Batman trainers, high tops if you like.

I would like a Green Lantern version, maybe the Flash would be a nice edition as well. However I must say they are super comfy and I’m so glad I got them. I’m going to be looking at the Nike shoes a bit more in depth soon and hopefully I’ll find some wide fitting shoes that don’t look ugly to show everyone. I find that a lot of trainers that are wide fitting can be gross and not something I want to walk about with on my feet!

So there you have it, I’m not saying that Sports Direct are perfect with their store credit only solution but I would suggest you spend an hour in store trying on various shoes and make sure that you get the best fit for you. After all you’re not going to want your feet crushed for months. I have made the mistake a couple of times and I’ve got pairs that I still haven’t worn that I got last year just because I don’t want to cut the circulation off from my feet.

Note the picture might look a bit naff because I have been wearing the shoes for 3 months now and they have been worn slightly, just shows that they can hold up to pressure, I like to walk for about 45 minutes whenever I get the chance. If you have a load of wide fitting trainers let me know where you got them from, do you have to pay extra? I really need my trainers collection to grow! A guy can never have too many shoes!

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