Four Frugal Ways To Keep Cool Inside During A Heatwave!

Everyone loves the idea of summer right? Heat blazing and a lesser need for clothes. Well it sounds great in theory and don’t get me wrong, the washing drys so much faster! However the heat, well the heat has quite a few downsides that most people like to forget before summer strikes! With highs of 30’C and no rain in Bournemouth for weeks it’s not looking great!

Water and lettuce shortages could only hit the UK when the sun’s out right? Well the heat sucks even more if you’re stuck inside, windows open with a rare breeze creeping in every few hours! It can get tough, let’s face it not everyone has £300-£600 for a state of the art fan or air con system so cheaper alternatives need to be found!

That’s why I’m here, I’ve got some handy lost cost tips for you all! Low cost? Some of them are darn right free and everyone loves something that’s free right? Well sit back, wipe the sweat away and take notes, mental notes because I’m not writing anything down in this heat!!

~ The Fan

This is a two parter! Of course the main thing is to get a fan, yet as I said before not everyone can afford the state of the art, new model fan with wifi and speakers?!?! Which is why I would suggest heading over to Amazon and buying this one. I can recommend it as I have it in the bedroom and it’s a blessing at night when I NEED my sleep!! It’s got three settings and you can either have it facing a certain area or on rotate. Personally I feel that’s all a fan needs to do right?

Secondly, a wet tea towel or a frozen one. Stick it over the fan and it’s going to make the air coming from it cooler. However don’t have the tea towel soaking or you might get sprayed, or worse end up breaking the fan and that’s the last thing you want!

~ Water

So obviously you’re going to need to drink a lot of water in this heat because you don’t want to get dehydrated! I buy a pack of water in aldi for around £2, it’s got 12 bottles in it. The plastic is easily recycled as well and not huge thick bottles that are bad for the environment. I’ll stick them in the fridge and make sure they’re ice cold when I drink them.

Whenever I finish a bottle I’ll fill it back up. I then put it in the freezer and wait till it’s frozen. The fact that it’s frozen means it’s going to cool your body temperature even more than just water out the fridge, also you can rub that frozen bottle all over yourself and feel no shame because you don’t want to melt! Also I mean ice lollies work great as well but I’m just thinking of the calories!!

~ Shut the curtains!

Shut the curtains, of course! Well the neighbours might think you’re a little strange in this heat however it’s common sense, with the curtains open you’re letting the sun and heat in. I’m sure there’s some sort of science behind it, I’m not going to waste 20 minutes trying to find it though! Windows open, curtains closed!

~ Yum!

Finally, home made ice cream; YASS!! I’ve been making strawberry ice cream at the moment and it taste amazing. I’m working on some chocolate and mint ice cream also! The recipe is super easy, takes no time at all and you have a yummy, cold snack to enjoy every night after dinner to cool you down while you watch Desperate Housewives!

So there you have it, four frugal ways to keep cool in this summer heatwave! Heatwave? Most people call it summer. If you’re like me and love winter, it getting dark early and the sound of rain on the window then I feel your pain! I will say though that I’ve got loads of washing done because it’s dried within the day and the heat makes me eat loads less!

Have any other ways to keep cool for less in the summer heat? Let me know in the comments because I’ll take all I can get!! In the meantime I hope you’re enjoying the blazing heat as much as you can and have an amazing summer!

Four Frugal Ways To Keep Cool Inside During A Heatwave!


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