Ghostbusters 2016, a film review.

Okay so I heard a lot about this film. I also heard a lot of negative hate surrounding it. Most people said it wouldn’t work due to it being four women, while others said they should leave the classic alone. I think they made the right choice remaking the film and I am glad for it!

I have to point out that I love, love! Melissa McCarthy as I think she is one of the funniest people out there and she was hilarious in The Boss. I have to admit though one actress really stole the show for me. I mean stole it, she had me in tears I was laughing so much throughout the film. Leslie Jones, she brings a comedy to the show that can’t be copied and I love her for it. I also have to point out the amazing and stunning Chris Hemsworth. Although playing a rather stupid persona, he did it well!

The show is unlike the original although have the same basis in my eyes. I like how they injected some of the original cast into the film and thought it was very clever in how they did it. I think this film has the potential to be as big as the original is people open their minds and gave it a watch. I would recommend watching it with the family as everyone will be laughing! 5 stars!

If you fancy giving the film a watch grab it below like I did!


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