I’ve had some recent experience with Groupon and I have to say I’ve ended up rather shocked. If you don’t already know Groupon is an app on your phone which brings you so much. You can purchase discounted items through the app along with experience days and other treatments. Groupon literally brings you hundreds of offers everyday, you can either browse them overall or be location specific, I would always suggest location specific.

Firstly let’s talk about the items that you can get through Groupon. Groupon offers discounts on a whole range of items, from water bottles, televisions and toothbrushes! However it has to be said although the discounts look amazing in first glance they might not be as good as they seem. I would always suggest taking a look online first, I’ve found the items online so much cheaper 9 times out of 10 so it always pays to look online first.

Getting the deals on goods out the way, lets talk about the experience days and what they really mean. First of all you will want to find the deal you want to go for, as you can see below I decided to pick a three course meal at the Langtry Manor in Bournemouth. First of all you want to check the price, sometimes they have price variations. This can be for a different number of people or different selections such as being able to make a two course meal into a three course meal.

Now this is the part that depends on you and is where I talk about the ‘fair’ price. You can either book through Groupon and hopefully get your voucher within 24 hours, it has taken me longer before which is a total pain if you want to do it next day! The second option is the fair option. You can phone the business direct and ask if they will honor the Groupon price.

Now I point this out because not to long ago I booked a deal through Groupon and after a while got bored of waiting for the voucher and cancelled my booking. I then phoned up the business and asked if they would honor the Groupon price and explained the trouble I was having with Groupon and the app.

The lady on the phone was amazing, she said that she would honor the price and it would save her the 50% of the total price, 50% i show much they lose when they sell through Groupon! Terrible, which is now why I decide to phone the company direct before booking on Groupon. I have had a couple say no and then had to book through Groupon although if you are wanting to help out and save money at the same time it’s perfect.

There you have it, the best way to get honest, fair discounted experiences and goods on Groupon. It might seem like a little hassle to phone the company direct and I am sure the fees for each company is different depending on how much the offer is for. If it’s a little company however you could be saving them a huge amount that wouldn’t even dent a massive company!

Have you ever done an experience? Let me know how it went and if it was perfect or a trip from hell!

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