I have a lot of love, yet a lot of hate for Amazon for various reasons. However Amazon Prime has saved me thousands in the last couple of years and I wanted to let everyone know how. To start with I have to point out that getting Amazon Prime is easy as pie. If you haven’t signed up before you can start your one month trial and give it a spin. If you don’t like it all you need to do is cancel the subscription before it renews for the year.

The Amazon prime membership for the year is £79 although cheaper if you have an NUS card. You can get your first 6 months free and then get a 50% discount for the rest of the year. So there you go, get 1 month free trial, then get yourself a card to you get another 6 months!

Onto the saving money part, this can be done in more ways than one as well which makes it brilliant. We can start with free shipping. Shipping can be at least £3.99 which is the standard delivery for most websites. Imagine Christmas time, you have to buy 30 gifts, AHHH!! However you won’t be able to afford getting them in one go. They might not be in stock or for some reason you have to buy them on separate occasions.

Let us half that 30 and say that on 15 occasions you have to buy gifts, all the deliver costs you £3.99 each time! That’s a whopping £59.85 you happen to be saving! If that isn’t a good enough reason to get Amazon prime I have no idea what is! Don’t worry though it gets even better, yes better!

Do you love listening to music? Me to! With Amazon prime you get free music and you can even download the app on your phone to play it wherever you like. I like to personally listen to mine in the shower even though I can’t sing! There are hundreds or songs and albums available and you can even make your very own playlists if you wanted!

In fact there happens to be even more! Yes more! I love watching movies, I can’t get enough of them. I have boxes and boxes of DVDs from the good old days although now everything has gone digital. With Amazon prime if you pick the 3-5 days delivery options and not the free next day deliver you will have £1 digital credit applied to your account per order. This money soon racks up although make sure you use it otherwise it will run its course and will be gone for good.

You can watch top films that would cost you a fortune in the cinemas, old films and several series through Amazon video. I recently watched the new resident evil film and I have to say it was amazing and totally free thanks to this amazing Amazon prime perk!

So there you have it, several ways that Amazon prime has saved me thousands over the years. With many more years to come. Amazon may be lacking in areas like reviewing policies and wiping peoples accounts but they sure help you save money and even more so around Christmas time. Let me know if you’ve had any experience with Amazon prime, good or bad.

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