I was sat there this weekend trying to think of ideas, going through my phone looking at pictures and on my tablet at various Facebook pages to ignite a spark within me and get my creative juices flying. My phone and tablet soon ran out of charge and as I was at my in laws I didn’t have my charger.

I sat there with my Pukka pad and my mind went blank. Of course I couldn’t think of anything, not without my phone for help! I sat there watching the news and talking to my father in law and them BAM! The ideas started to flow and my pen got busy. I watched the news and spoke to my father in law and the ideas just kept on coming.

It just goes to show that you might be trying but maybe you’re trying to hard. Stop trying to think about what other people have done and start creating new and adventurous posts. If it wasn’t for my media blackout and dead gadgets I wouldn’t have thought of anything that day wouldn’t have written 6 posts in the last two days.

It just goes to show, when it comes to life stuff happens when you least expect it. It’s great setting some time aside to think of new ideas and get work done but maybe just spend a couple hours without power, without gadgets. I love going for a 1-2 hour walk every day to get thinking and the exercise always helps. Try it out!

Let me know when you get the most ideas, do you need gadgets or do you prefer everything turned off so you can focus and let the ideas naturally flow?

 How disconnecting from technology helped my blogging focus.

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