People say that I complain way too much which ironically annoys me and gets me complaining! However complaining is some what of an art and if you’re not good at it you will find yourself at a loss and getting nowhere. I have had to complain several times and unfortunately am having to take  one company to court due to their negligence.

There are many ways in which you can complain, I always find with minor issues a good few hours on the phone can do wonders. These days however there are loads of options you can take to complain effectively. You can check all the different ways in the complaint post I did a while back although for now I want to discuss resolver.

Resolver is an amazing way to complain and you don’t have to spend hours on the phone, perfect if you value your time. The website is pretty straight forward, first you need to make sure you have an account and connect it to an email which you check regular so that you don’t miss any updates.

All you need to do is click Log In at the top right and create an account. There are literally hundreds of companies on resolver, if you need to complain they are most probably on here. As you can see below I have a few cases closed, most of the cases that I have had to open have been successful although some not so much and I have ended up on the phone.

It’s up to the company to respond once you open a case. In my experience I would suggest that when you open a case you need to make sure you add as much detail as possible so that you can get it sorted quicker. Make sure you write as much detail as possible, even the exact time helps. If you take any photos make sure you upload them all.

I had an incident at the Travelodge in Plymouth, the first room I stayed in I injured myself as the carpet was broken, there was mold on the carpets and all in the bathroom and the neighbours had been engaging in loud activities till 3am! So they decided to refund me for the first night and move rooms. The second room I stood on a nail in the floor and there were also various other issues but they decided to ignore them, the next morning I asked to see a manager and they refused to get the manager and told me to leave.

I went to resolver and they ignored the complaint, so it just goes to show that even though a big company who you think would respond don’t always care enough to bother.

However I have has success with companies such as Morphy Richards after something I had got broke, they were helpful and sorted the issues within the week. Another would be Jacamo who got the issue sorted within a couple of days! Complaining isn’t about what you can get out of it though. It’s about bringing things to the companies attention, I have had issues in stores and I complained a little to the manager and left. The next time I went the issue had been fixed and the environment was safer.

You will typically have you resolver complaint sorted out within a couple of weeks and depending on how good the company is you might have it done within a few days. I would have to say that resolver is the easiest way to complain, you have to send a couple of emails when needed and the matter gets sorted out. You can even download the app to get updates straight to your phone!

So if you are thinking about making a complaint for whatever reason, use resolver! If you’ve already used resolver let me know how you got on!

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