Long term stress can be damaging for anyone, to their entire life and their health. Which is why I’m going to be talking about all the different ways in which you can combat long term stress and how you can cope with it in the future if it every turns up again. Stress can be easily identified, just check out my stress biography. Of course not everything is going to work for everyone and at the end of the day if you’re really struggling then you need to seek professionally help.

Mental health comfort box

Just like Stress, Anxiety can be damaging. They’re similarly linked and anxiety can cause stress in the long run. Which is why I put together a new anxiety comfort box every single year, this year I went with a luxury box so that I could really enjoy myself and relax. I like to think of it as relaxing the stress away. It should calm yourself down, take your mind off of all the negativity in your life and help ease stress.

Make sure you put in what ever you want. It’s your box and you know what works best weather it be to deal with anxiety or stress. Check out the video I did so that you can hopefully pick up some tips and make up your own box to help you cope in the process.

Exercising and keeping active

Relaxing at home with a film and chocolate isn’t for everyone and I understand that. In fact although I love to eat loads and watch some decent films I also love getting out there. If I’m stress then I love going for walks, if my anxiety isn’t playing up that is.  I have my own route that I take whenever I go for a walk, it’s designed so that I don’t run into many people and it stays away from main roads. The views are amazing and I’m able to just chill out, exercise a little and calm myself down.

If you’re going for a walk try and find somewhere that’s quiet, make sure you have stuff to focus on and if possible some amazing views, like the beach or countryside. A little tip, get some headphones and listen to some amazing music, if you play pokemon go make sure you’ve got that on as well! I’m forever playing pokemon go while I’m out and about!

Getting artistic

Stress can manifest in so many different ways, in fact you might be super stressed because you have so much going on in your head and you just want to explode and let it all out? Get creative! I love drawing, colouring and creating. When I’m stressed I’ll sometimes fall back on my adult colouring books that I got from the spectrum noir crafters companion range, however I’m also an artist at heart.

Although I’m an artist at heart it doesn’t mean I can draw. In fact I’m learning how to draw all by myself, I’m not sure that I’ve improved very well over the last few years but I’m having a blast doing it! I also have plans to make some popsicle models when we get a bigger place. If you can focus on any of these bits it means you’re going to forget about all that horrid stress and hopefully be able to get rid of it and create something that really expresses you and helps let out all that pent up stress float away; plus it means you don’t have to explode!

So these are the three main ways in which I deal with my stress, again you might be thinking that only one of these might work for you. The again you might like the idea of all three and in that case I’m pleased. Your own mental health is something that you need to figure out yourself by taking advice where you can and adapting it to your situations.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to think and feel though. Yes mental health is crap but that doesn’t make you a bad person or something like that! I will say though that if you are struggling and feel like you need help then please go to your GP, you can always take someone with you that you trust as your advocate like I do most times, it’s about getting you the help you need!


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