Bloggers work from home, normally by yourself for long periods of time. Of course if you’re a blogger reading this you’re all too familiar with the feeling. It can be lonely. Even with a partner or maybe a child to hang with, you can feel isolated and not having anyone to talk to! Trust me I know how it feels, loneliness sucks!

What you have to remember is bloggers don’t go to work, they don’t interact with people on a daily basis like the average joe would. Sure bloggers are living their freelance lifestyle and being their own boss, but it can be lonely working for yourself. Which is why I’ve decided to put some pointers together to try and help bloggers get over that loneliness, after all it’s not good on the mental health which can have a negative impact on the way you blog or the amount of content you produce.

There’s a number of ways you can interact with others like yourself or maybe people who aren’t bloggers at all. Ways which include being social online and offline, because both are great for a person and physical interaction can be, in some cases more beneficial than online.

~ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Bloggers know all about social media, we use it to drive people to our website, get our content out there for everyone to see and flash about pretty pictures. We don’t always sit back and think about what else it can do for us though, we can make friends!! Connect with some fellow bloggers, compliment them on their work and make general chit chat, sure you’re not going to get along with everyone but that’s the way life works.

After a few months of chatting with other like minded bloggers you’re going to have made a few friends, friends you can talk to on a frequent basis and who are there to help if needed. Things don’t seem that lonely then do they, you’ll also find you use social media more and that might have a positive impact on the amount of followers you have! I find that Instagram works best for keeping in contact with like minded bloggers! If you fancy chatting then go ahead and send me a message!

~ Meets

Meeting, as I said before in person and getting physical; as in maybe a hand shake or hug!! There are so many meet ups that you can attend all year round with other fellow bloggers, one of my favourite is Blogon, I try and go at least once a year. We meet up with loads of other bloggers, we get chatting and we let our hair down! It’s not always blog related either, leave the networking for the day time and have a drink and a natter in the evening! You’ll find that if you’re in a certain niche there might be events for you to attend, join a Facebook group for your niche and get some more information.

~ Your Community

Have a look if there’s any local community classes going on, art classes are amazing. You get to create something while meeting new people and making some friends in the process. In fact there might be a class just sat there waiting for you in your local area without you knowing. Attending a local community class is a lot better than hoping to find a best friend on tinder, trust me!

Have a look online for community classes, maybe in your local newspaper as well. Maybe attend a few local events at the same time, if you really want head around a couple of bootsales and have a chat with a seller. You might even get a better price by having a little chin wag at the same time!

There you have it, different ways I connect with people in person and online. I mean you could always crash a wedding, pretend you’re a distant relative, meet some new people and get free cake but that seems like a lot of hassle if you ask me! Just take it easy and remember that you’re not alone in this lonely game. Sure not everyone is going to feel lonely but at times people need someone to talk to and if you know someone who could do with an ear then be theirs.

Let me know if there’s any other ways you like to connect with the outside world while you’re sat at home writing a whole bunch of blog posts from a list that’s been growing over the last year! I mean I have two note books to get through at some point and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

How To Cure Blogger Loneliness.



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