Okay so you should have made your perfect fivver job to suit you, which is perfect and I hope you’re loving it! The competition on fiverr however is growing everyday just like the website itself, so it’s time to get your profile working for you and ranking higher. Although fiverr is getting busier and the competition may be growing that doesn’t mean its impossible, after all someone has to get the jobs?

What’s needed to rank higher?

Keywords ~ As mentioned before keywords as it says are key! They are needed to get your job ranking higher. As I discussed in my previous post making the perfect fiverr job Keywords are essential. Although your five keywords are only half of the job, the description does the rest. You need to be sure to add keywords into your description if you want it to be ranking, so if your job is based on writing short stories make sure you add something like “short story writer”.  By doing this your page will get pulled up more in the ranks due to all the keywords.

Page Views ~ Just like blogging, page views are great. It allows fiverr to see that your page is getting traction. It doesn’t matter if the people looking at your page are customers or not, just as long as you are getting views. Although you won’t know how many views you are getting fiverr will. So get them friends and family checking out your page now and again.

Queues ~ So you would think that having a backlog of jobs to get on with would be a good thing right? Wrong. Fiverr will look at your profile and see that you have loads of jobs waiting, in fiverrs own way it will bump you down the rankings and lower down the list so that you get less jobs. Although this means your get less jobs and have more time to work on the ones you have, it will take a bit more time to get back up the ranks. So get the jobs done and don’t leave them for a few days before getting to them.

Reviews ~ So just like everything else, reviews are key and needed. In order to get your profile up in them ranks you need to be getting great reviews. The more reviews you get the more competitors you overtake in the ranks. People are more likely to go with someone with a lot of good reviews at the end of the day as they know they are going to get what they pay for.

It is important to note that fiverr will look at all of the above points, not just one in particular like reviews. In order to get higher up in the ranks you need to be hitting each section and molding them to the best of your ability. Follow the guidelines above and over time you will see more jobs coming in and your job getting higher up in the ranks! Remember though, it doesn’t happen over night and everything takes time so just stick with it an improve wherever you can. While you are only getting a couple of jobs now and again it means you can focus big on these jobs and get ace reviews!

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