So today I am going to be talking about fiverr. Fiverr is an amazing way to earn extra cash on the side by doing something that you’re good at. In the process you can boost your reputation and gain momentum for further jobs in the future. When taking a quick look at fiverr you may get bogged down and disheartened with the amount of people offering the same service as yourself.

Don’t worry! I will talk you through what you need to do in order to get the jobs you want and gain a competitive edge.

Decide what you are going to offer, discover your niche!

Don’t offer the world, you won’t be able to do it. A freelancer who offers too much won’t get it done and you won’t be putting out the quality product you want. Decide on what you want to offer, decide on one or two things and advertise them. You want to be able to offer something amazing rather than many things at an average standard!

What is everyone else doing?

I don’t know about everyone else but when it comes to competition I like to pretend they don’t exist! Everyone worries they aren’t good enough to face the competition and might as well quit before we even start! Competition however can be used to our advantage!

Not only does competition fill us with drive and motivation but it’s key to take a look at what the competition are doing, what they are doing that makes them so good! In order to do this you should be taking your time to look at the top ranking competitors who also work within your niche.

So I have decided to look at short story. You can see everyone who offers similar to what I have searched, these are top when searched. Take a look at the first four, don’t get bogged down too much by looking at even more because it will confuse and you don’t want that!

So take a look at what they are doing, are they doing it well? Is something that you would have never thought about putting into your job and now you wish you had? Here is a simple check list.

Pictures ~ So you want your picture to stand out, to pop! There is no point having a grainy imagine, something that doesn’t relate to you or your job. Poor quality images will get looked over because they look unprofessional!

Grammar and spelling ~ So you don’t want to look like Jon Snow. Make sure you proof read your job, are there any mistakes? Can you add a full stop now and again? You need to look professional and even more so if you want to offer something such as story telling!

Delivery time ~ Just like our fast food, we want it now! Make sure you have a quick delivery time, you don’t want to too quick other wise you will stress! Aim for 3-7 days and you should be just fine!

Costing ~ So you would think that everything on fiverr was a fiver! Wrong, you can pick your own cost, you can offer basic, standard or premium. I would start with just a standard and basic package until you understand what you are doing. Check out the profile below.


As you can see above this lady has a relevant picture of herself, a basic, standard and premium price range and a quick turn around of 4 days. You want to be aiming along the same if you want to compete.

Time to get going, create what you can do!

Okay so you’ve taken a look at the competition and figured out what you need to do, you know how fiverr works and you’re ready to go! You need to make sure you are well presented however.

Title ~ The title has to be spot on, make sure you know what you want to offer and put it into 40 characters. Although fiverr give you 80, it has a cut off point at 40 and you won’t be able to read the rest! So in our case “short story proofread” would be spot on. Once you achieve level 2 you are able to put one word into capitals, I would suggest the adjective and if you don’t have one then stick one in. I have seen awesome work well or great.

Description ~ So fiverr is the perfect platform for descriptions. They give you 1.200 characters to use and let you use them however you want. Below you can see the example of one, I would avoid. When it comes to writing a description you want to use all the characters, use adjectives and show how passionate you are about what you do! Use good English and show yourself apart from everyone else doing the same thing!


Tags ~ You have the choice of 5 tags to accompany your description, make sure you sue them well and pick the relevant tags that fit your job. Don’t just put in the first 5 that pop into your head either, head on over to the search function and type in short story. You will see that other suggestions come up, take a look and see if any are the same as what you are offering and put them in. The search bar is like any other search platform on the internet and will bring you search results for what you wanted and what it thinks is relevant to what you want. Use this to your advantage and make sure you get seen!

Imagery ~ So picking the best pictures is key for your fiverr gig! You need to make sure they look presentable and not sloppy. I would totally advise against using any pictures found online, not because they are bad or anything but just because others in your niche may have already done the same and you don’t want to be doing that. The pictures you pick go towards your thumbnail on the gig pages so you want to make sure they are spot on.

If you are good at taking pictures I would suggest taking your own. Taking short story into account, if you are working with children’s story’s than grab a few children’s books and snap some cool photos of them! They don’t have to be perfect, no ones every are. As long as they are relevant to your job you are hitting the mark!

Video? ~ So when it comes to your fiverr job you have the option to upload a video. Although personally this isn’t something I would do, it is supposed to work well. If you don’t like being on camera though that can be an issue. It is advised that you don’t hire someone to do the video for you, especially someone from fiverr. If you end up doing that you are going to have the same person as others and it looks a tad unprofessional. You can ask a friend or family member to do the video for you, although I don’t know how nice your family are but mine wouldn’t. So if like me you are stuck, just stick with decent images for the time being and maybe your confidence will grow and you can add your own video.


So there you have it, my structure to making the perfect job on fiverr. Yes it can take time but if you follow the steps you should be able to achieve it. Just make sure you are passionate about what you want to do and you’re not just doing it because you need the money. If you haven’t already, check out fiverr now!  Best of luck and if you liked this post don’t forget to share!

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