So I assume that millions of people a day use the internet, if not billions. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew how to make money while doing just that?! Well I’m here to tell you that you can and it takes hardly any effort at all. With Qmee you’ll be able to search whatever you want online and be able to cash in while you do it.

It’s super easy as well so you don’t have to go out of your way and spend loads of time setting everything up! Head on over to their website and make a profile, literally takes 2 minutes and then you’re ready for the next step. Now you need to download the Qmee extension and activate it onto your browser, personally I use Firefox and the whole process is very easy so I’d recommend the browser.

Once you have it up and running you’ll be able to start using it. It’s really simple as well, just go to a search engine Google of course and type in something that you’d normally search for. I’m always shopping at Jacamo so I typed that in, as you can see from the below picture you get other choices or even the same website but through Qmee. You’ll also see the value of each link and this is how much money you’re going to get by clicking on each link; you can obviously only click on one.

Jacamo Qmee

As you can see I’d get 5p for clicking on Jacamo, although if I wanted to there are other suggestions below. I might not get the money for them but they’re offering discount codes so if I did click on the link I had a code to use on the store and save money that way. Qmee is perfect if you already have your mind set on a place and you can earn money just from shopping, make sure you use it in conjunction with cashback sites as well.

It might take a while to see the money add up though so don’t expect a quick cash out. If you use it now and again and don’t worry about checking your balance you’ll soon start to see it grow. I’d also like to mention that it doesn’t apply to everything, just the advertisers that are using Qmee.

So that’s how you can earn money while surfing the web! It’s quite fun if you’re using it and a very other bits because at the end of the year you soon start to see your money accumulate, I’d suggest using TopCashBack and Quidco as well so that you can save money while you shop, it soon adds up and really helps with Christmas!

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