Money Saving Goals

Saving money can sound great, although you need to know where to start! I had the same problem a couple of years ago, even more so as a student but that’s for my saving money as a student post so go check that out! In order to save money you need to know where to start, so let’s chat.

What are you saving money for? Are you saving for a mortgage, want to go on holiday or just want that new jacket which is way too much money; but it’s still hawt right? That’s where you need to start, make sure you have a goal in mind and how much money you need to save in order to reach that goal!

Let’s imagine I’m saving up for a new leather jacket because I want to look amazing, true story. I’ve already started saving for this masterpiece, let’s pretend that I haven’t though. The first thing I’m going to do is work out how much my new jacket is going to cost me, the one I’m looking at is £280! Not cheap but something that will be worth it once I’ve saved the money to buy it.

The next step is a little more complicated, it’s the work part that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not saying you need to go and do extra shifts at work though, I’m saying you need to save. There are loads of ways that you can save money, depending on what you’re saving money for it might actually give you the inspiration and method you need.

So take my jacket for example, I need to lose weight before I can actually buy it; otherwise I’m not going to be able to fit into it and I’m going to end up spending money for no reason! I’ve cut back on takeaways big time, I spend on average £25 for us both on a takeaway and that stopped. Instead of four a month we cut down to one! That’s a saving of £75 a month! Which means after 4 months I’m going to have more than enough for my jacket!

You need to figure out where you’re able to save money, do you spend too much at Costa on your way to work? Are you like me and eat way too much when you should really think about cutting back. Find these ways and cut back a little, work out how much you can save and go from there. You’ll then be able to see how long it’s going to take you to save up for whatever it is you have in mind!

I’m not saying that saving money is easy so don’t get that impression. There are times that I just want that takeaway, need it almost. I’ve given into temptation a few times which has set me back but the times I pass the takeaway up means I’m one step closer to getting the jacket that I want.

You can also look at other ways to make money if you want. You could start selling on ebay, clear out the clutter in your home and make some cash towards your goal. You can also do surveys as well, my favourite site is prolific which you can read more about here if you like.

It doesn’t matter what you’re saving for, how much you’re looking to save because it’s all achievable. Doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, a jacket or a new front door. You can do it through various means. Check out my other money making posts to see how else you can save and make money.

How To Take Your First Steps Towards Saving Money!


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