Everyone has to do food shopping, it’s a way of life. It doesn’t however mean people need to spend their entire wages stocking up and filling the freezer. When I first got with my partner I noticed that throughout the month he spent an alarming amount of money on food. It was early days so I didn’t feel I could I could say anything about it although it got to a point where I noticed he would spend £400-£500 a month just on food.

I mean that’s just way too money on food, it wasn’t like he got loads either. The cupboard were stocked and the fridge was full but there wasn’t anything major. I did notice however that the items being purchased were top of the line. They wern’t needed, well at least not at the prices they got bought at. I noticed as well that nothing was being frozen and regular foods that could have been frozen had been chucked away due to bad packaging.

So I took it upon myself to change! Shopping was being around twice a month at Asda and it cost way too much. I started to buy”cheaper” items at the same quality although didn’t see a major dent in the amount we spent. So we decided to move to Aldi. I must say that within a couple of months we saw £500 drop to £200!

You can buy the same food at Aldi but without the main brand labels attached to them. The food taste the same and in some cases better than the top priced foods. Some foods are even healthier from Aldi. If you haven’t considered it and you end up spending hundreds every month you need to think about switching stores.

Although it needs to be kept in mind that I’m talking about a main shop every month. Not talking about looking for reduced items, for reduced items you need to go at a certain time and depending on where you live maybe even a certain supermarket. Personally we shop at Tesco if we are looking for reduced items as they have the best on offer.

So there you have it, we ended up saving hundreds while food shopping. It’s a lot of money when you don’t have it and if you don’t need it you can soon save it up. Use it for a holiday or treat your family at Christmas! So think about switching stores, I can’t recommend Lidl too much as I’ve only shopped in there a few times but if you don’t have an Aldi in your local area and you have a Lidl try them out to save money.

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