Ibis Budget, Why you shouldn’t visit.

Ibis Budget Birmingham. So on my visit to Birmingham I needed somewhere to stay, I don’t think people would like me snoring on the street. I decided to go for the Ibis Budget, the reviews online looked good and the price caught my eye. At a special price of £25 a night I thought it was an amazing deal and snapped it up. Now that I have completed my four nights there, I wouldn’t even pay £5 a night.

Now I have quite a bit to write about so I thought it would be better If I split everything up into days. This way you can see how events played out.

Ibis budget Birmingham

Day 1, Monday 4th July 2016.

So I arrive at reception and check in. I notice that key cards have to be used in order to access the lift and stairs. I thought this was great because it stopped random people coming in, saftey! Well when I got to my room I thought I saw a vending machine down the hall so I decided to have a look. After a long train journey I was rather peckish, although there was no vending machine and gutted I headed back to my room.

I was soon in reception however asking for a new key card as mine did not work. The man on reception would rather however text on his phone rather than deal with me. When he did finally talk to me he handed over two new keys and told me to try them and if they didn’t work to use the phone and he would come and check the door. Well when I had to phone because the second set of keys did not work he was less than pleased. With a sigh he came up and opened the door after a few attempts. With a rude grunt he told me to swipe them slower and stormed off!

Exhausted and annoyed I went out to dinner with a friend before returning back to the hotel to head off to bed. What I found next was beyond belief and I was mortified. Not only where the bed covers coated in blood splatters which made me feel physically sick it still didn’t prepare me to what I found next! Feces, Feces or more commonly known as skid marks on the sheets! I wanted to vomit although held it back and went to find the manager instead.

When I located the manager I told him the situation and how I was disgusted, he looked at me with a blank expression and did not care. I asked if he was the manager and he said yes and yet he still didn’t want to address the situation and just told me that he would move me to another room. If I was manager at any hotel I would be apologetic and do anything I could to make sure the customer was okay, not shun them off!

I got moved to a new room although it was very hot and after two nose bleeds I went to reception again! The same “manager” again did not care about the situation and just handed me a fan. A fan that did nothing to cool the room down. The first night was not the best, if only it got better!

Day 2, Tuesday 5th July 2016.

So after about one hours sleep in what felt like a sauna I was ready to go mental. Not only was the room boiling hot but at the same time the window was broken and I could hear everything from the main road! I soon went to reception to complain about not only the room but the manager from the night before. I was told that the manager was normally really nice and they didn’t know what happened, not a acceptable response in my opinion. I have to admit that the woman who worked that day was actually helpful and gave me a first floor room opposed to the 5th floor one I had before. She also made sure that the window was car park facing and that there would be less noise.

I was however a little annoyed that I was now given a different room to the one that I booked in the first place. I know they may have been the same price on the Ibis website but if you book to have a certain room you do not want to be downgraded. At this point in the morning I was ready to sleep the day away, not something you want when you are on holiday. I decided to have a couple hours sleep although this was not possible. I had the maids knock on my door 5 times to “check” if there was anyone in the room! I understand once but 5 times! It would be obvious to say I got no sleep.

Pic 1, Dirt on floor pic 2, Small bathroom pic 3, dust all over lights pic 4, rubbish on the floor
Pic 1, Dirt on floor
pic 2, Small bathroom
pic 3, dust all over lights
pic 4, rubbish on the floor

Day 3, Wednesday 6th July 2016.

So after what seemed like a really nice sleep I was up and running. I have to say though although I was on the first floor I still had to use the little fan that I was given because at night the room was still very hot. At this point I was just finding everything that was going wrong rather funny, you have to laugh other wise you will go mad. I had the maids knock on my door a further 3 times to check if anyone was in the room? Did they not do it enough the day before?

After a very long day out and about, I even went to Banbury and Stratford on the train I was exhausted. I decided to get a pizza from the hotel because I had seen them advertised in the lift. When I finally made my way down to reception the manager from day one was stood there. As soon as I stepped out of the stairwell I was given the most hateful and evil look I could imagine. I can only imagine that he was notified about my complaint. I decided to pass on the pizza, thanks to the hostile and threatening behaviour of the hotel staff. It is a shame that the staff are costing the hotel money.

Day 4 Thursday 7th July 2016.

So the day before I was leaving I decided to ask the reception for some extra towels and toilet paper before I went out for dinner. I wanted to obviously have a shower before I checked out on the Friday and I knew the maids did not come to do the rooms till at least 1pm. I had to be checked out at 12pm. The man on reception was really polite and offered me two towels and two toilet roll, he was a new member of staff I had not met before. He suggested that maybe I pick them up when I came back from dinner so that I didn’t have to go back to the room, a great suggestion; or so I thought.

When I got back to the hotel after a really nice night, the manager from day one was stood there. I asked him for some towels and toilet room and had one towel thrown onto the front desk along with a toilet roll also thrown which almost ended up on the floor! Very hostile and aggressive for the third time. I was ready to leave.

Day 5 Friday 8th July 2016.

I didn’t hang around and made sure I checked out in time. I decided to ask at reception for a manager after handing over my keys. I was told that there was no manager or supervisor present, maybe because I wanted to make a complaint? I then asked for the name of the manager from day one, I was told that they could not give out names for security reasons! Finally I asked for a customer service or complaint email address because I was furious about the service and my whole experience. The response baffled me, “I don’t know it, try and find it online” as soon as he said it he got back to chatting to the gentleman at the end of the reception desk.

Summary and conclusion.

I have to say I have never experienced such terrible customer service and lack of respect. If I had actually been able to speak to a manager I would have been asking for a full refund and letting them know I would never book with them again. I was instead ignored and pushed to one side. I missed a couple of points out above but I am trying to keep this review short, check them out briefly below with the other points mentioned.

  • Blood and feces on the bed covers and sheets.
  • Dirty floors in the bedrooms, layers of dust and suspicious marks on bathroom wall.
  • Rude, hostile and ignorant members of staff.
  • Key cards not working.
  • Maids knocking several times a day, maybe they fancied me?
  • Very hot rooms, to the point I was having nose bleeds.
  • Issues not addressed.
  • Windows not shutting, letting the noise in.

You can see most of the pictures throughout the review so that you can see for yourself what kind of issues I had to face, at least this way you know I am not just making it up! It might be called the Ibis Budget but that doesn’t excuse what I found Budget or not.

Pic 1, Feaces on bed pic 2, Marks on toilet wall pic 3, Loads of dust pic 4, Blood on bed!
Pic 1, Feaces on bed
pic 2, Marks on toilet wall
pic 3, Loads of dust
pic 4, Blood on bed!

To be fair on the part of the hotel I have contacted the hotel first after searching for the email address online and I will give them 7 days to respond with a solution, no matter the response however it will not change my review. The fact that none of the staff or “managers” wanted to offer any sort of apology was beyond disgraceful and I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

“Please be assured your comments have been addressed with the hotel team and house keeping staff and corrective action implemented and I am confident that there will not be a repeat occurrence of this nature.”

This was the response from the hotel after waiting a couple of weeks for them to get back to me. They also made sure they refunded me my money which is the least I would expect from any establishment. It was a shame they did not want to invite me back and actually show me that they can live up to their name.

At least by doing this review I can make sure that other people are fully aware of what I have had to endure and maybe think twice before booking.

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