IloveYo, YoCo Renamed and rebranded!

So as you may have guessed from my extensive collection of Greece, Zante and Argassi posts; we have been here before. We have our favourite spots and last year we found a lovely milkshake parlour called YoCo, you can see the review on lousnews if you want. Well we decided we had to go back and after arranging a trip to Zante town to visit the farmers market we just had to drop in.

We indeed made our way after the market although had a shock once we got there, a face-lift is an understatement. YoCo is no more, ILoveYo has been resurrected in its place. Although the same structure has been kept to the shop and they still do amazing milkshakes and frozen yoghurt. So much more has been added.


A small change would be the new tables and chairs outside, they fit well with the new look and are comfortable. Of course you have the obvious name change but that isn’t the main thing I want to talk about. They now serve some amazing new products. They now sell protein shakes/drinks for the more sporty clientele, I must admit they are not my cup of tea so I didn’t try them out. HOWEVER, we did decide to try some of the amazing, new iced tea.

They have their very own Ice Tea range and I have to say they are rather perfect. We decided to try four different tastes to begin with and got them to go. They come in plastic bottles so you can take them back to the hotel or back home, we decided to bring 3 back to the UK as we liked them so much.


It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Zante town or if you actually live here, IloveYo is worth the visit. I would suggest the milkshake and a couple of the iced tea myself but it really doesn’t matter if you fancy something healthy or sweet, they have everything you could want here! If you get the chance, visit!

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