As you might have noticed by now I love watching films and even have a Netflix account along with my Amazon video account. I decided to get an Amazon fire stick for my bedroom so I could watch a bit more, because why not? The fire stick offers so much more than Amazon video though which is why I love it.

For starters you can download apps onto the fire stick so if you get bored you can play some games. However I mainly use my Amazon fire stick for YouTube. I have a few favourite vloggers, most of which have new videos everyday that you have to keep up with. Like The Mini Millionaire Vlogs two amazing vloggers who post daily videos everyday at 6pm! They are traveling the world at the moment and exploring all types of new places, check them out.

Along with YouTube you can of course watch Amazon video. If you’ve read my Amazon prime post you’ll know how you can get free videos and series without any effort involved. Side note, you can also watch all these videos on any device by downloading the Amazon video app.

Lastly I would like to point out the amazing Netflix, might not be Amazon but equally as important. You’re able to watch Netflix through your Amazon fire stick, if you didn’t binge on Netflix in bed before; you will now! My favourite series at the moment has to be Once Upon a Time, check it out if you have a chance.

There are so many apps that can be downloaded through the fire stick, so much that I haven’t tapped into yet. Have you? If you have an Amazon fire stick let me know what you like the most about it, or do you hate it for some reason? I’d love to know!

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