Many students and young adults will know the struggle when it comes to Netflix! Do you get the subscription or not! If you do which level do you go for!

For these of you who don’t know what Netflix is let me explain! Netflix is basically a subscription service that brings you shows and movies. You pay monthly for the service and in return you can watch anything they have available. The question is though is Netflix really worth buying or would it be easier and cheaper to go with an alternative subscription service like Amazon video?


Netflix is popular with students unlike BBC iPlayer because basically you don’t need a TV license when you have Netflix. Thus in turn saving money while at university. So Netflix is totally worth it as a student as long as you don’t want to watch the shows you would find on every day television, like game of thrones or Eastenders!

That being said it all depends on what you like to watch. For me I love watching different series although on the other hand love watching films. The only issue though which I’ve found with Netflix is they lack completely in decent films to watch. You might find a couple but unlike the series they keep bringing out, movie titles are growing as fast. It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes their series catalogue can be somewhat incomplete and you may find yourself waiting a few months if not years for the next season!

Although it is worth mentioning the many, many Netflix originals that are at your disposal. I love the marvel series at the moment, you can find the correct order for them online if you wish You also get amazing original films like Bright which is an amazing film featuring Will Smith.

So I guess it all depends on personal preference and what you enjoy watching. Netflix can be a perfect subscription with low monthly costs for the likes of students although for the everyday person, is it worth it?


To begin with if you haven’t had Netflix before it’s worth mentioning that you can get a one month trial for free, much like Amazon prime. You just need to remember to cancel your subscription if you don’t like it or you will get charged!

Now for subscription costs. The basic package on Netflix is currently £5.99 although may increase as times goes on. It will let you play on one device at a time which means you might start watching a series on your phone and then carry on when you get home on your television.

If you want to watch Netflix in HD and watch on 2 devices at any given time the price then goes up to £7.49 a month. This is perfect if you and your partner both watch different things on Netflix.

The last subscription service is £8.99 a month, this lets you watch Netflix in the new 4K and ultra HD! It also means that your Netflix account can be used on up to 4 devices at any time. This is the perfect subscription if you’re in a family and the children love watching Netflix, Netflix offers children’s movies and shows as well!

So there you go, the three subscription options that you can choose from. Of course it depends on your situation, how many people are going to use it and how much you actually want to be spending out each month. Personally I would say that Netflix is great value for money in any situation, I currently have the second subscription and have had no issues. Myself and my partner watch Netflix on our tablets when traveling. It’s also important to remember that everything on Netflix comes with no extra cost after the subscription fee, whereas platforms like Amazon video will offer you a lot for free and then have premium films etc that cost you even more!

So there you have it! Is Netflix worth buying, I would say yes but everyone has a different opinion. I mean I remember the days when Netflix meant they would send you DVDs in the post that you would need to send back! Let me know your experience with Netflix, any horror stories or like myself are you a fan?

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