Loft Lounge, the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The Loft Lounge. I have spent almost a week now in the gay village in Birmingham. The village is alive with of course gays but many clubs, pubs and restaurants. After a while though you may just want to relax and unwind, that is why I would suggest in a heart beat, the Loft Lounge.


With over an hour to kill I needed somewhere to rest my feet and do a little work. I stumbled across the Loft Lounge which looked approachable and really relaxed, so as you do I decided to have a look inside; it hit the nail on the head when it came to what I was looking for.

The atmosphere was relaxed and calm while soft toned and current music played in the background. All the staff there where friendly and happy to help. It also helps that every member of staff I could see, well they were easy on the eyes!! At the same time with J2O’s at only £2.80 I decided to get four. People that know me will be aware that if I don’t like the place I would be reluctant to even spend £1, this speaks volumes. I have it on good authority (myself) that the food is also rather nice here. Try the burger and chips and I doubt you will be moaning, I forgot to get a picture though; it was that nice I had to eat it. Reservations can also be made.


You can see from the pictures that the Loft Lounge is a place to visit. They have modern booths where you can sit and relax, sofas if you fancy that homely feel and even a back area where if wanted you could hold private functions. No strippers though because the doors leading in are see through, although curtains could be pulled over!

I would totally recommend the Loft Lounge be a place you visit, doesn’t matter if you live in the gay village or you just happen to visit. If you feel like it as well they have some nice leaflets and magazines to read, just pick one up. I hope that I can enjoy the company of the Loft Lounge in the future and maybe do a nice little article all about their food and excellent customer service! There is always pride coming up next year!

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