Lumunu Badefreude Bath bomb gift set.

Lumunu, you may not have heard about them before but let me enlighten you to this new amazing and exciting brand. I have always been a huge fan of relaxing, I am sure a lot of people can agree with me on that point? I love relaxing in a nice bath and I just so happen to love bath bombs even more! So let me talk you through this amazing 8 piece bath set, which ones I likes the most and why.

To begin with let me tell you how impressed I was as soon as I got the set. They arrive in a nice clean white box with a cute pink and white checkered bow holding it altogether. You have a lovely little label on the front where you can write anything you want inside. I would imagine the label would be amazing if you are getting the item as an intended gift, I would totally recommend giving or getting this as a gift; I wouldn’t say no to receiving one that’s for sure! It would seem Lumunu also have German roots, I seem to like most things that come from Germany! I have to put in an 18+ warning, if you are going to search for their website it may contain adult material.


When you get round to opening the box you will see that the bombs are held into place by some tissue paper, this is actually a nice change because normally you will have a heap of straw inside the set. Companies normally use straw to make it look like there is more inside, when actually that isn’t the case. Once you open the box you will notice the very fragrant sent rush out, I loved it although if you have a sensitive nose maybe take a step back.

All the bombs are individually wrapped which is great, they wouldn’t have been rubbing against each other and will hold their original smell! Now let me talk to you about some of my favourites. In the picture you will be able to see the red cupcake, gorgeous! Now I might not be the best at describing smells but with this one it just sent me into the world of relaxation. I would totally suggest this one after a long day in the office and when you just want to unwind.


My other favourite from the pack has to be the white and purple ball. Even though it may be small it didn’t fizz out within seconds which was nice. The room soon filled with a nice sweet smell which brought back some old memeories. In my opinion if you are in a reminiscent mood this is the one for you! Soak in the bath and float away into a day dream or just reliving the past.

If you are unsure about allergic reactions or any of the ingredients, fear not. On the back of the box you have the individual ingredients of every single bomb in the set and how much is there e.g. 40g. I would have to say the only issue with this set is that they don’t all have individual names so it is a little harder to identify what ones you are actually using? That being said I think the item is amazing! I would totally get this as a gift for the women in my family and maybe some of the men if I knew they would use it. I can safely say I hadn’t hear of Lumunu before but I will from now on!

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