So we’re on our third week at the Diana Palace, we decided to venture out and look for some nice places for lunch, after finding some dreadful restaurants we came across Zorbas and decided to look no further. In the week we had left, we graced Zorbas with our presence no less than four times!

Two starters are Zorbas!
Two starters are Zorbas!

Which is a lot when you think most people only go to a restaurant a couple of times on one holiday. We decided to take advantage of their meal deal which consisted of a lunch starter, main and dessert for the small price of only €13, which in total for lunch made €26; you would be hard pushed to find a better offer in Argassi! They have other deals, although this is the one we had four times in a row!

I mean a lot of people seem to think that going on holiday with a budget is hard work and you won’t be able to eat out; after one visit at Zorbas you will be eating your words. The food is premium quality and the customer service is on par.

The huge drinks at Zorbas!
The huge drinks at Zorbas!

 We didn’t manage to get many pictures however because before we could even remember, we had started eating the food because it was that good. As well, you will be able to see the huge drinks they give you, enough to keep you going for the whole meal.

I think in one sitting while having lunch, 8 different groups came in to book tables for their evening meal, it gets that busy, so if you want dinner here, it’s best to think ahead and maybe book a table! After spending so much time here we have made sure that we will be returning this year for even more food although this time we might even order something new!

Now if you are having a hard time believing everything I have told you, then check out their very own homepage or take a look at the helpful reviews and comments on tripadvisor which speak volumes!

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