Macabella, the rich, exquisite new taste!

Macabella has to be one of the best new spreads that I have tried in a long time. Macabella is a blend of Cocoa & Macadamia nut. With Macabella claiming to have used quality ingredients in their spread you would expect it to be amazing right? I can not only confirm that the taste is amazing, I would even say out of this world.

Now as a child I was never a fan of nut products. When it comes to nuts I hate it when the taste it overpowering and it is all you can taste. I am sure there are many in the same boat. When it comes to Macabella however the Cocoa and Macadamia fuse really well and although you can taste the nut; it isn’t too powerful you want to throw it away.


Although Macabella may be fairly new to the United Kingdom, the spread won product of the year in Australia 2016 in the spreads category. The rich mouth-watering spread can be found in on of the top leading supermarkets in the UK, Sainsburys. I have always had the view that if a product is being sold in Sainsburys it has to be good, I always feel that it might be too expensive though.

Well let me tell you, not only is succulent spread tasty; it is affordable! Yes I said it, you don’t have to pay a fiver for a jar like some of the spreads out there. You can pick up Macabella from your local Sainsburys for only £3. With the fantastic packaging and sophistication the jar gives off, not only will people be impressed but you don’t have to bankrupt yourself in the process.


Now I would hate for you to just take my word for it. I mean head on over to your local Sainsburys and try it out yourself! Fancy having some fun with the spread? I did! Although I liked velvet better on toast I also loved cooking with the crunch! Check out my Macabella cookies post here!

Want to get your hands on some? Like I said, £3 in Sainsburys; go now! You might also be interested to know that I have a little competition coming so keep an eye out! Check out their website now!

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