The best men’s hair products around!

Men’s hair can be a wild thing to tame at times. Most people will think that worrying about your hair is a woman’s thing to do, most people would be wrong. I have used loads of hair products that just don’t do the job I need, I have finally found a few that actually work and have decided to share them with you guys!

I finally came across V05 last year and thought it might be worth giving a go, boy am I glad I decided to try it out. I tried out both of the V05 putty and love them both for different reasons.

V05 rough it Up putty. The V05 putty is amazing for really long days. You won’t need a lot of the putty for it to really take affect, just make sure your hair is wet enough because other wise it will glue your hair together on impact. The great thing about the putty is that it doesn’t smell like something just chucked out of a chemical factory, it actually smells nice. Like I said before the putty won’t just last the whole day but the night as well, you might even have some of the hold the next day and if you can’t be bothered to do your hair all over again here’s a tip. Just run some water through it and it should stand right back up. As you can see from the picture I use it often!


V05 reWork putty. I have to say although this putty doesn’t last all day and night it is still my second favourite out there on the market. The reWork putty really helps you to sculpt your hair so that you can get it just right, make sure you use enough and your hair will keep hold for hours! Again the putty smells quite nice and doesn’t make you chuck loads of deodorant on after.

When it comes to anything I always make sure I have a back up plan. It’s the same with men’s hair products. Although I love V05 putty and will carry on using it for as long as I can I still have a back up plan. Lynx.

Lynx Natural look styling clay. The styling clay is amazing if you want your hair to keep it’s hold and stay strong all day. The only problem with the clay is that it is very difficult to style, but that is why the putty is the better option. Other than that I can safely say that they clay smells a lot like other lynx products and again not horrible chemical smell.


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