I write this post during my mental health week. It doesn’t matter what mental health condition you have, you will always want a mental day. A day where everything seems pointless, or you just can’t be bothered to do anything. This week seems to be my mental health week, I’ve had a productive month although this week seems to be sliding down hill.

Well I am here to tell you it’s fine to have a mental health day or even a week. It’s a little easier for me being a student as I can take the time out needed. It will totally depend on your situation and how long you are able to take. Mental health days, just like sick days should in my opinion be compulsory for an employer to offer. Someone with a mental health condition is going to experience these days and an employer should cater for this just like sick days.

Some employers do this and if you suffer from a mental health condition I would inquire about it. Now if you’ve read my post about the mental health/ anxiety box a mental health day is a perfect opportunity to grab it out and put it into action. Grab out whatever you have in your box and use it! I love having some yummy chocolate while watching one of my favorite films. The hours melt away and I’m actually able to relax a little.

Although you may feel like you have achieved nothing, wrong. You have looked after yourself, you have made it through another day and best of all at the end of the struggle that you will have to face you’re going to be better off for taking some time out. Sure some people might not understand what’s going on but tough you need to time so you take it. At the end of the day if you don’t have a mental health condition you can’t fully understand what it’s like.

Remember to sing, I love singing and I have to say it really lifts me up. It doesn’t matter what you listen to either, my younger brother has been going through Disney programs at an alarming rate and when I feel down I blast out a bit of Sofia the First and Jake and the neverland pirates! Just enjoy yourself and try to forget about everything other than looking after yourself!

You are strong and you can do it!

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