Morse toad, the alternative chocolate treat this Christmas.

So you might be used to the generic gifts for Christmas. You might even like socks and the average box of biscuits. Who am I to judge. One thing I know myself, I love cool gifts. I find that getting something interesting for Christmas can make it that bit more fun.  After all isn’t Christmas supposed to be about enjoying yourself?

So let me cut to the chase. I LOVE Christmas. Let me tell you about something fun, exciting and something that would make an exceptional gift. More Toad. What on earth is Morse Toad I hear you ask, let me tell you through dance; just kidding. I will tell you now!


As you might be able to guess by now, Morse Toad Is a twist on your favourite treat, chocolate! Why do I love Morse Toad? Well you might have seen chocolate messages are common, not like this. With Morse Toad you can not only create fantastic messages for any occasion but you can personalise them anyway you want. I also love that any ingredients used and all information is presented on the back of the book.

Now you might think that it looks great, it does. However I got talking to a couple of people and they asked about the chocolate. They asked if it was actually nice or if it tasted like your supermarket saver chocolate. Personally I like any chocolate going, not a snob. This chocolate though isn’t a saver brand. In fact it is very tasty, rich and smooth. You are getting good quality for your money! It looks good and taste better!


 I can these being a very popular Christmas gift this year. I mean who doesn’t want some yummy chocolate? To be able to say what you feel at the same time, what more could you want? You can see the default picture on the card. You can pick any picture that you want so if you thought it couldn’t get any more personal you I am afraid were wrong.

Now if you are interested in this amazing treat head on over to Morse Toad and get one yourself! If you want you can even use this nifty discount code I have here for you! {DISCOUNT CODE = LousNews}.You have until Christmas day to use it, so get ordering!

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