Multi-platform shopping, the way forward?

 So we all love shopping right? I know I do. The only problem is where can you go to get the best deal? I mean don’t get me wrong I am a loyal shopper but I like to see if it is cheaper anywhere else. I have never been able to find one place that gives me everything I need. Until now.

So Octer is a multi platform shopping center. Gay Times has also adapted this within their shopping website and I love it! Going back to how I hate searching around for a product, now I don’t have to. If for example I wanted mouthwash, not that I need it. All I have to do is head on over to the search bar, type in mouthwash and I get the results I need. It will come up with all the mouthwash items available through Gay Times shopping and you can pick the cheapest.

Now I decided to use it myself, I found some great things with the website just like above. I also found a few possible nags. I decided to make up a bathroom bundle as every now and again we all need to stock up in the bathroom, just like the kitchen.


So as you can see my basket was full. This is what I got.

  • Imperial leather talc
  • Wisdom pack of two toothbrushes
  • 2 packs of sponges, 20 packs
  • 200ml shaving gel
  • 4 body mops (scrunchies) 2 blue, 2 red
  • 100ml colgate toothpaste
  • 300ml imperial leather hand soap
  • Imperial fruit chew shower gel 250ml
  • Gillette Razor
  • Dove men 250ml shower gel
  • Mint toilet cleaner 750ml
  • 2 washing up liquid 1L

So as you can see I got a lot. I also managed to get the best deal from all of the retailers on the Gay Times shopping site. The best part of it was everything I wanted at a low price was available on Wilkos. It was quick and easy to get everything I wanted and as soon as I found everything I was directed to the retailers website. It makes it quick and easy to find and get what you want.

Although this could be a problem, I mean what if you wanted an item from one shop and another from a different store? Maybe that is something that needs to be worked on in the future as signing up for all these different websites and paying extra postage can be a hassle when you don’t have the time.

On the plus side however this platform makes it amazing when you need to do your Christmas shopping. Imagine not having to surf the internet to find one item, just search on Gay Times?! One example would be what if your loved one wanted a pair of headphones? Search headphones and get different retailers offering you different headphones for competitive prices. A quick headphones search brings up retailers such as Wiggle, Webgains and Amara. With many more along side them!

So would I use this multi platform shopping search again, for sure! It makes life easier when you are looking for something in particular and it saves time all round. Not to mention getting you the best price around.

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