Weight, so Christmas is coming up. A time when I’m putting on the most amount of weight and literally eating whatever I can get my hands on! I’ve decided I need to lose some weight ready for it! Plus I’ll be able to get into my Christmas tops without any issue and I won’t have to buy anymore!

I decided that I’d have a bit of fun with this instead of just keeping it to myself. Mainly because I thought it would give me a bit more motivation to lose the weight I want if I’m telling people about it! So I’m deciding that I want to put out an Instagram picture every Monday in order to update people on the weight loss and keep up with a routine myself.

Of course I’d like to hit my goal, it’s almost two months away so I’d like to think I’d make it. If I don’t, oh well. I’m going to try my darn hardest and lose as much as possible, if I don’t make it I’m not going to put myself down and beat myself up about it! There’s no point in making myself feel bad and want ice cream right?

So I hope you’re going to come along with me and see how much I’ve lost every week. I’ll say how much I’ve lost that week and in total! Hopefully it’ll be quite a bit by Christmas. I’m hoping that in doing so I’ll be able to help someone else as well. So please if you haven’t already and would like to follow me on this journey head on over to my Instagram, give me a like and keep up to date with my weight loss.

I will also be writing a blog post during my final week of this to let everyone know how I got on, what I found difficult and what I might change next time. Hopefully I’ll hit my target and even if I don’t I’ll let you know how I feel about what I did lose!

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