Welcome to another one of my reports. Hopefully I’ve lost weight this month and hopefully you’re here to cheer me on. If you have no clue what I’m chatting about check out my other gym reports and check in with my progress over the last few months. With the many trips I have coming up in 2018 I decided it was time to get rid of a few extra lbs, even more so with a plane trip in a few months!

I’m really excited about this. No time like the present so I joined the gym and thought I’d keep log of all the work out time I’m putting in, as well as everything I’ve spent in order to maintain my gym lifestyle. I hope you’ll stick with me through this and look forward to my monthly reports!

The Gym…

I go to the gym in Bournemouth whenever possible. I like the place, the facilities are on point although the changing rooms and toilets could use some work. I love to go when its nice and quiet, something about working out in a room packed with loads of fit people makes me feel uncomfortable, thanks to google as well you can see when times are the busiest which is super helpful! The gym also gives you an online profile so you can check in on all the time you’ve spent at the gym and keep a handy record!

What time did I spend in the gym this month?!

So I wanted to let people know how much I worked out each month, it also means I can keep track of how much use I’m getting out of the gym as well. If I’m losing money and not going enough what’s the point of carrying on? At the same time I can keep track of my weight loss and see if the amount of times I go to the gym have any real impact on the weight I’ve lost!

It’s also good to keep track of what I actually did, as I’m a novice and starting out I find it better to set myself a limit. I don’t want to push myself and never go back. If I keep track of it all it means that I can up my game every month.


Going to keep it real and tell the truth. We didn’t go to the gym once this month because Matt has been unwell with a broken foot and chest infection. Next month we will be back although it couldn’t be helped. Thankfully I’ve been doing loads to counteract this!

I’d have liked to of gone a little more this month although I visited my in laws and am back at university with classes almost every day. I’m proud of how well I’ve done and I just hope that means I’ve lost some weight, any amount is a good amount! I did indulge a little this month however with it being valentines and a couple of birthday parties!

How much is it costing me?

So currently the gym membership that I’m paying is £14.99 a month. Compared to some other gyms in the area, that’s cheap. With everything that the gym offers I’m chuffed with the amount I’m having to pay out, I just wish they had a pool but you can’t have everything in life and I wouldn’t use it for a while anyway till I had lost a few more lbs!

This month I’ve not had to purchase anything for the gym. I was tempted to buy some new gym shoes but I thought I’d wait a little longer until spending even more money, maybe after I’ve lost 10lbs??


  • £14.99 Gym membership.

February Change?!

I didn’t want to call this section something like “weight loss” in case I’ve not lost anything, or worse put weight on! So I’m going to document my change for the month. Of course I’d like for a loss every month but that isn’t the way this struggle works. Fingers crossed though because I’d like to not be forced out of an airplane seat with a crowbar!

I’m mega proud of this month, you might be thinking it was only 1lb so why is he so proud? My other half had a broken foot which meant we couldn’t use the gym and I ended up in hospital after a severe fall and sustained a load of injuries. This does mean I’m going to have a very difficult March, I’m unable to walk so it is going to make exercise very difficult but I hope to lose weight in March and will keep you updated no matter the outcome!

Anything extra?

I’d like to say that it was all the gym but I doubt that very much. I’ve been walking a lot this month with being back to university and I believe that a little walking every day really helps. I’ve been doing around 15-30 minutes walking every day. I’ve not been running or even walking fast but the fact that I’ve made this small change, even if it is for university means that my body is a lot more active!

I’ve also found this quirky little exercise home routine on YouTube. Can I let you into a little secret though, it’s really difficult for men in the exercise world. If you have a quick look at the exercise videos targeted towards men compared to the ones targeted towards women you are going to notice this right away! I looked for videos and all the male ones were so intense and targeted towards abs and bloody press ups! So I found an easy exercise video for women and I’m loving it!

I did 2 hours on the exercise video this month and I really feel like that made a difference. It’s well worth it, making these changes throughout the month. They can be really small like walking or they can be a little more significant like walking with the added exercise videos! What ever you choose just make sure you’re comfortable and not overdoing it otherwise you’re more likely to give up and we don’t want that! I have to point out that the first time I did the exercise video I was only able to do 3 minutes until I stopped! That might give you an indication of how much I need to lose weight!

I’d also like to point out that I’ve been using MyFitnessPal a lot which helps to calculate the amount of calories that you should be having on a daily basis, how much walking you’ve done and how many calories you’ve earned through exercise. The app is designed to help you lose weight and does this best once you tell it how much you want to lose per week. Mine is set to lose 1lb a week, although I find myself going over my daily calorie allowance at least twice a week!

Healthy Food?

I thought I’d add something new this month! Healthy food! I am always wanting to eat and snack which probably doesn’t help the weight loss. Which is why I’ve set my mind to finding the best healthy snacks and meals out there to try and help me lose weight. I’m not saying I’ll be eating kale salad every day because no one wants that! I’m just saying I want to find healthier alternatives to the foods I love. I’ll have a shout out each month to a certain food, snack or website where I get my treats so check them out below!


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