Fun post alert and why not! I have a love hate relationship with trains, not quite a Sheldon Cooper relationship; but a relationship all the same. There are several reasons why although mainly reasons why I love them so I thought I’d start with them.

~ 1, Newspapers!

So my mum has two dogs and I must have a fetish for collecting newspapers I suppose. I find that the trains are always full of them, which I love. I walk to carriages collecting them and seeing how many I can collect for that journey. Instead of them being thrown in the bin they’re being used for a good cause and then recycled. Plus if I’m being honest I hardly ever see the papers being recycled around train stations so I’m happy I collect them.

~ 2, The seats.

I have to admit after spending some time abroad in various countries it has to be said that our train seats are some of the best that I’ve found. I’ve sat on some horrible train seats in my time and I really love the British ones! Of course you get the odd bit of gum stuck underneath and the littered tables but that doesn’t mean the seats suck. Plus the tables and plug points are equally amazing.

~ 3, people.

So I love the people on trains, most of the time when they’re not drunk. Using the trains mean you hear so many interesting conversations and happenings on in the world. Of course it’s rude to listen to people and their conversations but sometimes you just can’t help it. For example I’m on the train at the moment and some woman is talking about how her now ex slept with her brother and now they’re together!

So trains aren’t all that great and there happen to be a few reasons as to why they suck. Other than the litter and lack of recycling facilities around trains and stations I have more reasons.

~ 1, the toilets!

I mean I’m sorry, I love the sticker that they have on the toilet, I’ll go take a picture of it now for you to see. Although the condition of 90% of the toilets I’ve come across on trains are terrible. I mean do they get cleaned? I know no one wants to do that job but it has to be done when the public are using them all day!

British Toilet Seat Sign Funny

~ 2, late!

So delayed trains always suck, it rarely happens to me although when it does it’s normally by hours and it sucks. I’ve had to miss meetings before because of delayed trains and then when you do get on you get some really rude train staff who stomp around, I know the train is delayed and you’re not happy about it, neither am I but that doesn’t mean you take it out on me mate. Also we need more female members of staff on trains.

I’m sure trains have more pros and cons but they are the ones that are coming to the forefront of my brain. So they must be the ones I latch onto the most. Let me know in the comments about any pros and cons you have about the trains because I actually want to hear about them!

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