Everyone loves a good bargain, buy one get one free, 2 for 1 and 50% off always catch my eye and I’m the person that buys it all because I’m getting more for my money! However you might be like me, buying in bulk and ending up with cupboards full of stuff that it’s going to take you ages to use! We end up buying so much stuff that I never get around to using it and then totally forget it’s there, next thing you know I’m buying it again but x4 just because I didn’t remember I had it!

This is why I decided to go with no spend November, it’s simple really; don’t buy anything else for the bathroom! That means no more lovely shower gel, no fancy shampoo and conditioner and no more cotton buds when I already have 8 packs! If you need essentials like roll on, toothpaste and shower gel before starting all of this I would go out and do your normal shop, just look out for the cheaper versions to save a little bit in the process!

Start Saving Money

Well first of all you need to be going through what you already have! Sort everything out so you can see it and go from there. If you have 16 shower gels, 8 shampoos and conditioners and a supply of 20 packs of toothpaste then you know you have a problem; this way though you know what needs using up!

If you have way too much stuff then consider donating it to a foodbank for Christmas, people need smellies as much as they need food and you can spread the Christmas spirit while feeling good that you’ve helped some people out! Only donate what you can, we all want to help but the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position where you’re needing help.

I know for me that I have a ton of minis that I pick up from hotels on my adventures and I really need to use them up! I used a load up last year for no spend november but I have collected some since. If you’re like me then this month is a great time to use them all up! Or maybe you just buy your products in bulk? It’s a great idea and way to save money but it’s time you used bits up!

Why do no spend November

A few reasons, all of which I love! Space, you’re going to make some. It’s going to be Christmas in a month and you’re bound to get a load more smellies! Now is the perfect time to open the aftershave you got last Christmas, use the risky eyeliner your sister got you and use up the shower gel you’re not too keen on! You get to make a bit of space in the bathroom and it’s probably space that you’re going to need soon enough with sale shopping and Christmas gifts!

Money, I spend about £10-£20 on bathroom essentials every month!! That’s a major amount when you think about it, this is on hair products mainly though, as a guy I like keeping my hair on point! I take the money I normally spend and save it towards something, it could be anything to saving for a house or putting it towards a nice date night, the choice is yours and you can feel good knowing that you saved the money and made some room.

The two above reasons are nifty but you might also find a product you like, as I said before you might have gotten something for Christmas you’ve been too cautious about using; well now is the time to use it and if you like it you can stick it back on the Christmas list and let the person who got you it know you loved it!

I love doing no spend November, it’s fun and it has some nifty added benefits. I’d love to know if you’ve ever done this before or if it’s something new that you’re trying out thanks to reading it here! Do you buy too much like me and if so what do you end up buying?

Little tip for parents with university students, if your child is back for Christmas and you have some bits that you really won’t use, give them to the children as a little early gift and they might just thank you for it! You’re welcome!

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  1. I’m sure I could do this with our freezer. There’s plenty of stuff in their that could probably feed us for the month.

    Sadly with a teen who use half a bottle of shampoo and conditioner a week we never have a build up of bathroom supplies.


    • Louis B Reply

      I’ve been thinking about doing a kitchen post to be honest, I’ve got a chest freezer and a little one attached to the fridge and we have so much we don’t even know about at the bottom! Thanks for the comment 😀

  2. This is something I think we should definitely do, I think the freezer is a good one like Alan said. Great post 😁 #DDFB

    • Louis B Reply

      Clearing the freezer is great but that means more cooking for me 😛 haha Thank you for the comment!

  3. This is a simple but bloody brilliant idea! I’m going to give it a go! Way too much stuff in the bathroom. Although I might not be able to extend it to the kids as they go through so much bubbles and shampoo! #DDFB

    • Louis B Reply

      I know how you feel, we have a box full of stuff we need to use up that’s why I can’t wait!! Good luck 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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