So as a current university student I know that money can be short. Everyone thinks that student finance equals endless money; wrong! In fact university has taught me how to save money using one simple thing, an NUS card!

What is an NUS card? Do I need to be a student?

In short an NUS card is a student card, just easier to get. Just £12 a year will secure you one! You would think that you need to be a student in order to get a card right? Wrong again. See anyone can get the card and all you have to do is fill out a few simple questions on their website, pay and then wait for the post! So there is is, an NUS card is a basic student card which opens all the benefits and savings that can be had.

If you head on over to the NUS website you will be able to easily get your own card today! There are no rules currently in place that restrict the card to students only so anyone can take advantage of this. So all that is needed are a few simple questions answered and a pretty picture of yourself for the back of the card; don’t worry you are allowed to smile in these! It isn’t a passport!

Using your NUS Card.

So to use your card the process is pretty straight forward. Most places will want to see your card as proof, remember your picture is on the card and that is proof enough. This means you can’t let your friends burrow you card! Other places will want more details, they may ask you to write the card details down, I know Frankie and Benny’s do this. They may also want you to scan your NUS card, the local Co-Op garage does this every time! Shockingly in some places if you tell them you have an NUS card they won’t even ask to see it! The most common place for this practice would be McDonald’s!

Where can you use the card!

So this is where it gets fun, loads of places take NUS cards. Check the list below for a few examples!

Amazon: You get 6 months prime for free and then cheaper thereafter.
McDonald’s: You can get a free cheeseburger or mayo chicken burger with your card!
Co-Op: 10% off food and drink.
Superdrug: 20% off!
Frankie and Benny’s: 20% off your meal!
Pizza Hut: 20% off in restaurant and delivery’s!

To take a better look at all the discounts NUS has to offer head on over to their site and check them out for yourself!

Many people would think that £12 a year for a basic student card would be too much, they think they wouldn’t get their money back from it! Take Pizza hut for example, if you order one a month for £20 you are saving £48. That is enough saving right there for it to be worth it! Now you know how amazing having an NUS card is, go tell everyone and share this post!

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