Toasting marshmallow kits!

So you may remember the amazing nut free chocolate shard competition that just ended. Well I have even more for you! Let us talk about the amazing product at hand first though. A Christmas classic, toasting marshmallows! I love this kit with a fiery passion! Take a look and see why!


As you can see the kit has it all! Some sturdy skewers to make sure you can keep your marshmallows in place. A non toxic burner! I love the fact that it is non toxic. At the end of the day there are so many toxic harmful products out there, this isn’t one of them! Then you have the two types of marshmallows! Sicilian lemon meringue and Raspberry delight. I have to say that the lemon are my favourite.


You can see how it is done from the video below. In the mean time I just want to point out how stunning the packaging is. The box is well illustrated, you can tell right away what it is and that you are going to have fun. When you focus on the marshmallows you can see how much design and detail went into the packaging. They stand out and look divine.

Stay tuned for your chance to win this amazing set in a brand new competition!

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