NutFreeChox, chocolate made for everyone!

So we all love chocolate. Not everyone can eat it though. products, especially chocolate are packed full of nuts and bursting with gluten. If only there was an alternative chocolate product without these dietary killers; now there is! NutFreeChox has to be one of my favourite chocolate artisan websites in this modern age.


Claire, the amazing creator of this nut free haven knows exactly what is needed and just how to make it. While growing up she herself had to avoid nuts due to her allergy and knows how frustrating it can be. With a chocolate fix in mind, NutFreeChox was born!

Claire delivers some of the best chocolate I have seen in my life, I have eaten a lot of chocolate! She caters for corporate events, parties and weddings. She offers several options and choices; yet at the same time offering some amazing gifts. I can see myself getting some as gifts for my future wedding! You can always get yourself a littler something or look into the future. With Christmas fast approaching I would be jumping for joy to receive any of Claire’s amazing chocolates under my tree.

So do you know someone allergic to nuts? Maybe unable to eat gluten? Get them some nut & gluten free chocolate today! Treat your loved ones with a treat they can finally sink their teeth into! Stay tuned for an amazing competition when I partner with the amazing Claire and NutFreeChox!


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