On my journey to lose weight I’m always on the look out for new snacks with low calories. You can check out my monthly weight loss report from March to find out how I lost a whole stone in a month! On my quest to lose weight and find the best snacks around I managed to stumble on Ombar, a low calorie chocolate! Too good to be true right?

It’s totally true and one of the reasons why I’m going to be showcasing it in my April weight loss report. A bag of buttons is around 149 calories! How amazing is that, the perfect snack while on the go! So the buttons also have other added benefits for myself, dairy free being one of them. Dairy free chocolate is getting harder to come by even though companies are trying to keep up with modern trends and needs of the people.

The fact that they are low calories and dairy free means they’re at the top of my list when I fancy a snack! Not to mention they’re raw and made with organic ingredients, the health benefits keep on rolling and I keep loosing week every month!

Ombar Buttons

There are a couple bags of buttons you can get and you can also buy the different types as bars now as well! However in my personal opinion I prefer to have them in buttons, they take longer to eat and it feels like you’re getting more for you money and calories. Unless you tip the bag up and empty them all into your mouth in one go I suppose, I wouldn’t advise on doing that though!

If you’re looking for a low calorie chocolate snack and want it dairy free with various health benefits I’d suggest Ombar in a heart beat. The coco mylk version is my favourite so check out their website and maybe get some yourself? If you’re not a fan of online shopping and don’t want to give your details across then head on over to places like Waitrose and pick up your in store products!

Don’t forget to check out my monthly weight loss reports so you can get an insight on how I’m losing weight and find other healthy snacks and tips along the way!

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