While looking at different freelance platforms where I could earn money I came across People Per Hour. I thought I would do a review so that everyone could be clued in on what the platform is all about. My first impressions where that the website looked rather professional, maybe not as good as fiverr but I would have to wait and find out!

People Per Hour ~ Looking for a freelancer..


So just like Fiverr you can hire a freelancer through the hourly section. You don’t have to pay the person per the hour although this did confuse me slightly to begin with. So just live fiverr you have a set price. You discuss this with the person and put a downpayment on the job, provided that everything goes according to plan you can get your finished job and pay the rest.

Just like fiverr it’s best to have a look about and make sure you pick the best person for the job. Is there someone else that looks better and is cheaper? Remember competition isn’t always a bad thing! It has to be said though for every good story I have heard about freelancers on People Per Hour, I’ve heard two bad.

Post a job

So the other way of using People Per Hour if you are looking for a freelancer is if you post a job yourself. You can tailor a job so that you get exactly what you want from it.  You can let people know what you want done by filling our the description box and giving your job the title that best fits the work you want doing. By making sure you pick the right category that fits with the work you want doing your be able to find the right freelancer for the job.

You can pick the work type that your offering, this means it can either be fixed price or a paid per hour job. You can also select the currency that you will be paying in. At the moment you can pick £ GBP, $ USD or EUR. You can also chose what kind of freelancer you want, the list is as shown below.

  • Entry ~ Freelancers with lower rates and less experience.
  • Intermediate ~ Freelancers with average rates and experience.
  • Expert ~ Freelancers with higher rates and more experience.

You can also add advance features to your job post such as, where the freelancer needs to work from, estimated job duration and interview questions. You can also make your job either public or private.

  • Public ~ All Sellers can view the Job post and send proposals.
  • Private ~ Only Sellers that you specifically invite can view the Job post and send proposals.

If you make the job public then you will have freelancers applying for your job from the word go, however if you make your job private you are still going to have to do the leg work and find freelancers that you want. If it was me personally I would post my own job, you have the flexibility to get exactly what you want and don’t have to go hunting.

People Per Hour ~ Looking for freelance work

People per hour isn’t all bad when it comes to working with freelancers. Your able to tailor your profile for applications and you can apply for specific jobs that fit your skill set the most so you don’t have to fish through endless applications and waste your time.

Fees ~ the problem with People Per Hour is the fees. For the first £500 earned you pay 15% although after that you pay 5% which is actually quite a lot if you are only earning under £500 per month.

The fees carry on however, each month you get free credits in your account that are used to bid on jobs, although when that runs out you are left having to buy more credits so that you can carry on bidding on jobs. This is great if you want to spend to bid on more jobs but if you aren’t getting the jobs you will be working at a loss. Take a look below for the summary of credit fees and prices.

  • 5 credits =£5.95, $8.95 and 7.95.
  • 10 credits = £8.95, $13.95 and €12.95.
  • 25 credits = £14.95, $21.95 and €19.95.

You can buy a higher amount of credits but you can see how expensive they can be if you are wanting to bid on jobs all the time. Although if you are willing to just use the free credits you get per month then your be doing fine.

You can also pay a fast track fee, basically when your seller account is approved by People Per Hour you can pay £4.99 to have your account and documents reviewed within 24 hours so that you can get bidding sooner.

There are even more ways that People Per Hour use upselling so that they can make even more money, like paying to have your account featured so that more people can see it and other ways.

If you have a long standing and established account with People Per Hour then I would say go for it and keep trying to get them jobs, don’t pay for the extra credits and bid with the free ones. If you don’t already have an established profile it might not be for you. If you don’t mind the waiting game and are willing to wait it out then go ahead and make a profile today.

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