Low moods, depression and feeling like crap in general is horrible. I’m useless when I’m feeling down, I get nothing done and I just sit in the same spot gaming for hours at a time or sleeping till I have to use the bathroom or eat. It’s not practical and it can really mess up someones lifestyle, most of the times my low moods jump up out of nowhere and there’s nothing I can do about it which is the worst, that’s not always the case though.

Low moods can appear from nowhere and run a person’s life, however they also creep up on a person and there are ways of spotting when low moods are going to happen; which can make life a little more manageable.

Changes in behaviour and the way people act are the most common ways to spot when low moods and depressive stages are creeping up on someone. However just saying changes in behaviour is going to help no one, which is something that’s always annoyed me when a professional says “watch out for sudden changes in behaviour!”. It would be good to know what changes to look for, information that isn’t always provided.

So I’ve put together a little list, a checklist if you like. A list that myself or my partner look out for and if I’m acting out a lot of the stuff on the list often then we both know I’m heading for a downward spiral. It’s important to pick out what applies to you in this list, not everything is going to and you can always flip them on their head. If I eat too much when I’m heading into a depressive stage, you might be the opposite and hardly eat at all; so that’s something to keep in mind and consider while making your own list.

  1. Eating, as said above. Whenever I start to feel down, or am already feeling down I eat LOADS!! I eat loads of chocolate and cheese & onion pasties! If you’re like me, add it to your list.
  2. Sleeping, a lot! When I start feeling down I’ll end up waking up between 10-12am, no matter what time I went to sleep. I normally wake up between 7-9am so a big difference.
  3. Slow. Being slow is one of my worst traits, I’ll not want to do anything, I’ll take forever to do anything and I end up mumbling my words as well, which no one likes!

They’re my main three behavioural changes that I always look out for, I don’t always spot them and that’s why I share my list with my partner so that I’m not the only one looking out for the signs. There’s other ways that you can look out for changes, like if a person starts snapping and having really bad mood swings; however I have crazy mood swings all the time due to my other mental health conditions so it’s not something I add to the list which is my personal opinion for myself although I’m sure it might be different for others.

When it comes to mental health, being able to predict when you might be heading for a low mood or a depressive stage is key. Sure it might not be possible all the time but when you can spot the signs it means you can prepare and even prevent these low moods. There are loads of ways you can deflect these low moods as well and thankfully I’ve spoken about them at length.

One of my favourite ways to deal with these low moods are comfort boxes, I make a new one each year. Last year I put together a luxury comfort box that had some expensive bits in there along with some low cost but important products. This year I’ve gone with a more personal and pampering box, I’m always looking to change them up each year but keep it comforting; otherwise what’s the point? Check out my 2019 version here!

There are other ways you can help prevent low moods, and loads of ways to get yourself out of them as well, check out my other mental health posts for more information, tips and help!

Perdiciting Low Moods & Depressive Stages ~ Mental Health


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