So I love pens, fountain pens, normal pens, colorful pens. It doesn’t matter I just love them, even more so as a university student. You may have gathered that much though if you recently read my review of the amazing Platignum pens that every students needs! Of course you don’t have to be a student to enjoy pens, in my case though it’s mandatory; being at uni and all that!

So myself and the good folks at platignum have decided to put on a little competition. Now you don’t have to be a student to enter. I mean anyone who loves pens as much as myself, feel free. So the competition prize, let’s talk about that a little. You would have seen that I got slightly addicted to the fountain pens, in fact everyone I have showed them to LOVE them! Well you’re going to be in with a chance of winning a selection of pens.

Yes, you get a couple of fountain pens, some ball point pens and all the colourful ones in between. It’s the set that any stationery lover would die for! It has everything you need to get you through a year of university, a year full of dull boring work or to fuel your artistic needs. However I need to point out that you don’t only get some amazing, funky pens. You also get an amazing British style platignum mug! I mean us Brits love our tea right?

As you can see above, two amazing prizes! Now for the main part, you need to enter and hopefully read the Terms underneath for more information. To enter it’s super easy, it’s all through gleam and you just have to complete a few steps. Show some love on social media and let others know about the competition. Super easy and one of you will be the lucky winner.

Platignum pen giveaway

Good luck!

Terms and conditions: Entrants must be 18+. Winner will be picked at random, one winner picked within 24 days of the competition ending. The prize will be sent out via the company, address must be correct otherwise prize is forfeit. Entries will be verified, any rules not followed will be dismissed. Prize must be claimed within 24 days. Good luck.

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  1. Tracey Peach Reply

    When I’m making shopping lists of things I need so I don’t forget anything

  2. sarah mcvicar Reply

    Making lists, especially shopping lists, and the weekly meal plan

  3. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    At work, when I need to sign things off, writing notes, im never without a pen!

  4. Tracey Suzie Anderson Reply

    I use a pen the most on a daily basis for my enties in my diary

  5. Beky Austerberry Reply

    All the time – at work and at home when i am organising the family

  6. I use pens when writing my list of jobs and birthday and christmas list.s

  7. On the landline when my mother rings as she’s always asking me to find something for her on Amazon.

  8. Jayne Kelsall Reply

    I use pens a lot, I write out things to do, shopping lists, puzzles .x

  9. Lynn Seymour Reply

    At the moment I’m writing out the Christmas cards so I’m organised for posting?

  10. I write pretty much everything down lol , I have to do , shopping and other lists all over – i just need to actually follow the lists x

  11. Deborah Clarke Reply

    I like to write short stories. I find it more relaxing by hand . Great giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  12. Charlie Brunton Reply

    I absolutely love fountain pens too.. They’re so smooth & feel like a treat to write with!
    I write lots of lists & notes to my other half to remind him how to adult, I also keep a mood diary so I write in that every day!

  13. Gemma Shonfeld Reply

    My OH loves writing lists- especially lists of films he wants to watch on netflix (he just loves using pen and paper lol), which has rubbed off on me and I write paper lists for everything I do, it is so satisfying to tick things off!!! (Sometimes I even put something on my chores list I know I have already done just to tick it off…)

  14. At work! But I love my job so that’s ok really. I make a lot of notes (I make endless lists!!) and if I’m not surrounded by bits of paper I forget everything! lol x

  15. Helping my kids with their homework usually or making lists lol I love a list :p

  16. Amanda Davis Reply

    Sign all the kids link books, reading logs and permission slips… life in the fast lane me lol

  17. Paul Ballantine Reply

    At work. I have to fill in a job book for every break down I goto aswell as a job card and a time sheet

  18. Lynn Woodcock Reply

    I use pens at work, not good ones though because they get ‘lost’ so easily ?

  19. samantha Buntain Reply

    I’m always using a pen at work as there’s so much paperwork to do

  20. Miss Tracy Hanson Reply

    At work, as a lot of our Admin is still paper-based and a small amount of data entry. 🙂 My colleague has an obsession with ONE pen, so not sure what we’ll do when it runs out.

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