The title says everything you need to know, although for people that might not understand it; like I wouldn’t I will explain! I’ve been blessed and sent some amazing hair gel this month which I’ve tried and tested to make sure that it’s in top form and can keep my hair game strong throughout the day!

Let’s start by talking about what the hair gel actually stands for, it’s more than just hair! This hair gel is from the amazing bluebeards revenge, a brand I’ve spoke of before because their products are out of this world. They’ve teamed up with the Lions Barber Collective to bring something amazing. If you have no idea who the Lions Barber Collective are you really need to check them out. They do so much work and work with so many companies to help combat mens mental health it’s unreal.

They bascially train barbers to help spot the warning signs. After all when getting a hair cut people tend to open up, no matter what gender. With a barber being able to spot the signs of mental health it might be the one thing that impacts a persons life for the better, being the person they can talk to if they need to; even if it’s five minutes while getting a trim.

Back to the gel, for every single tub sold 50p goes towards the prevention of male suicide. Male suicide is a huge issue in this country and I’m so happy that something is being done to tackle it. You might have been following me on instagram latly and would have seen that I used the gel over the course of a very busy day! If not, you need to follow me on instagram.

I went through a day of going to the the hospital, after my bus drove past me and another didn’t turn up. I was late for my appointment and I was rushed off my heat. IT was between 25-30’c as well so I was sweating like a mad man and I didn’t stop until 8pm when my hair was still going strong! As I said to someone, I stayed strong that day, just like my hair!

I can’t praise the hair gel enough. I put it through its paces and had one of the buiest days I’ve had in a long time. The great thing is you don’t even need to use that much so it lasts forever! It’s on my Christmas list and if you know someone who loves doing their hair in the morning you should totally get them some! It’s a great product and has a great cause behind it, what’s not to like!


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