Beauty products for irriated and sensitive skin.

So I don’t know about other people but I have VERY sensitive skin and some beauty products set me off. I need to stay away from certain products such as shower gels and washing up powder/ laundry conditioners. I also find it very difficult to find some decent male products that cater to sensitive skin, but thankfully women products smell lush so I can use them too. I wanted to make people aware of some amazing products that cater to sensitive skin and don’t irritate; lets start.

Imperial Leather


A lot of people think of Imperial Leather as that horrible soap that your grandparents had at the sink, they have come a long way since then however. I always use Imperial Leather in the shower now and never stray from the path. In fact I can say with a huge amount of confidence that I have never had a reaction with Imperial Leather and at the same time it looks and smells amazing. On the plus side you can pick up almost any of the Imperial Leather range for a pound (£1) at places such as Home Bargains and the Pound Shop; bargain!

Alberto Balsam

I have used some horrible, horrible shampoo and conditioners before that have sent my neck, shoulders and back into a huge rash and made it irritation central; not to mention the pain on my head and scalp! However I have never had a reaction to the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner. I have been using them for at least 5 years now and love them. They come in different types and smell divine; better then that they are only £1 in your local Home Bargains, pound shop and Asda!!


Irritation, rashes and the terrible itching!

I hate it when you do get a reaction, it is horrible and there isn’t much you can do about it unless you get the special stuff from the doctors; but that cost money and with the price of a prescription at £8.20 these days you need a cheaper solution that works just as well.


Savalon is a great tool to use if you are just dealing with a rash, it will soothe the area and help the rash to go down. DO NOT however use it if you are getting the horrible itching because it will just make it worse, you will be wetting the area and causing it to itch even further; which is never good.



When I have to itching and horrible rash it is normally in a place that you just don’t want it to be in. Also now that it is summer and the weather is heat up, sweat and make it worse. This is where you need talc, it will dry the area and keep it dry for longer. This means you won’t have the trouble of the area getting wet and getting worse. I also find that talc sometimes gets rid of the itching but that depends on the area.

Here’s hoping.

I hope that my advice has helped. You need to at the end of the day look after yourself and take care of your body. I like to use all products regardless if they are made for men or women, in this day and age I don’t think gender labels on beauty products really matter. Everything I have wrote about is my own experience and what I have found useful and I of course do not own any of the products and I am not an affiliate of any of the companies.

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