Pretty much everything is underfunded in this country these days, not saying it’s the current goverments fault but the conservatives have a lot to answer for! Every charity and organisation out there are trying to claw in funds and donations the best they can, some however don’t use them like they should so I tend to avoid them ones! I’m going to be talking about mental health charities and other organisations that you can donate to in this post so keep up.

There’s a few huge companies you’ll be able to recognise and others you would have never heard about which is why I did this post, I want to get their names out there so next time you want to donate anything you know where to go!

~ Mind Charity

The obvious mental health charity shop of course. Everyone probably knows about it but that doesn’t mean people are going to donate. You don’t need to donate money either. Feel like clearing out this spring, donate all the junk you’re thinking about throwing away to a charity shop (I’m not talking real junk, items you no longer use!). They’ll be able to sell it and then you’re doing your bit for the mental health community.

~ Together Chairty

A mental health charity I’d never heard of, probably because they don’t have charity shops and if they do they don’t around here. You can visit them online and make a secure donation if you want. They were founded in 1879 which is forever and they’ve been battaling mental health ever since, bringing support to the people that need it the most!

~ Citizens Advice Beuro

Although not a charity shop, you can find support and much needed advice at the citizens advice beuro so make sure you check them out and if you need help go and get it! Take a friend if you’re unable to go by yourself and make sure you get someone to talk to because we all need help now and again!

~ Mental Health Foundation

They work for new reaserch in working towards new thearpies for people with mental health. They also offer the much needed support that people with mental health need. I’ve never seen a charity shop for them however so if you want to donate follow the link above and make a secure donation.

So a little bit of advice. Take a look in your local area and see if there are any groups that need help, funding, donations or voulnteers because you might be suprised with the work being done on your doorstep. Contact your local council if you want to find out more information on all this.

At the same time, if you’re going to make a donation make it affordable. Don’t be out of pocket because you want to help. At the end of the day you need to look after yourself before you can look after others, so be wise when making donations. Every little does help but I’d rather you be well yourself!

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